Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Love Letter

Ah, sweet blog, with whom I've been apart too long...

Dear My Blog,

You are my sanctuary; one tiny corner of the universe where I am at the center. You expect nothing from me, and without guilt I can give to you as little or as much as I have to give. You are a solice in a world full of compromise.

You don't get upset with me when things don't work out your way. You don't take every word I use, and turn them against me. You don't make fun of me. You never tell me to be anything other than who I am. You hear my complaints, and just by your listening I am able to work through my problems. You allow me to sort through the mess in my brain, and never insist that I'm hurting you or imposing myself onto you.

You go with the flow. You are reasonable and rational, and you take things as they come. You help me to realize that my happiness is dependant on no one but myself. You are a reflection of me, my best and worst moments, and yet I don't feel judged.

Dear My Blog, I'm lucky to have you as a source of comfort. You are an oasis to me, as I traverse the barren, lonesome deserts of life. I thank you.

Your sincere friend,



Sideon said...

This is the part where you throw your arms around yourself and squeeze hard.


Good morning.

Eric said...

I like talking to my blog, too. We should totally try to hook them up.

Often, we have that certain someone we can vent our frustrations to. While it can be very therapeutic, there's no possible way the person you vent to could be unbiased. In the least, they're a friend - why else would they sit and listen to someone go on and on about their life? If they didn't like you, they wouldn't sit there and take that (unless they make a living that way).

The process of writing has the ability to clear the things that are foremost in your mind. Venting to a blog, for instance, is a process of getting out your feelings, thoughts, frustrations, and joys without worry of making your confidant upset. You don't have to pour every little facet of the situation on your mind. You can creatively word things that capture your intent without having to really say what's on your mind.

A blog can be a perfect outlet. You've captured this well in this entry. This is easily one of your best pieces. Bias or not... :)


Christy said...

Hey La! I think this is why my journal was so important to me when I was in elementary and Jr. High school. I had a completely safe place to express myself. This is why I love blogging... I can really say what I want to say, and if those who read it don't like it, they never have to come back, because it's all about me, baby! :)

Thanks again for coming last night, it really was such a happy surprise for me. It would not have been NEARLY as fun without you and Eric there! Smooches to both of you!

Rebecca said...

*sigh* Why, oh WHY do we live so far from each other? And WHY OH WHY are you not emailing me EVERY SECOND!!!

Eight Hour Lunch said...

Dear La,

I have been so sick and tired of you taking me for granted. It's about time I get the credit I deserve.


Your blog.


The Sinister Porpoise said...

One of the best things about writing itself is that it will get out the things that are bugging you without you being aware of it, although this may be more due to my Taoistic process of writing without working than anything else.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Nice thoughts about blogging here. We often forget to thank those we are most grateful for.


Just one of many said...

I blog therefore I am!! On this point I agree, cyber love can be unconditional!