Monday, October 16, 2006

The Power has the Power

Argh! I was just watching V for Vendetta--and loving it--when at the climax of the movie, our power went out. It was just for a moment, but it was long enough to reset our DVD player. That isn't a big deal except I can't find the remote for it, and I can't access the "scene selection" option from the actual player. I think the only thing I can do is rewatch the whole movie and keep hitting "next" until I get to the scene that I was on last.

Why, oh why am I so dependent on a remote? And where the H could it be??


Bishop Rick said...

Oh, sorry about the remote. I accidently took it with me...then I left it at SML's house so you will have to ask her where it is.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Bishop Rick is such a freak. He left his car keys once in the cushions of my couch on purpose, just so he could hang out longer "looking for his keys." Yeah. I've so figured you out. All you have to do is say you'd like to stay longer, but NOOOO, you have to be sneaky. What's suspicious is that I noticed he had a huge wad of keychains and one of them was a pic of Molly the Mormon, and the other was a pic of Peter Priesthood. Hmmmmm.

I'll get you your remote later, La.

Rebecca said...

I have often thought there should be a button on the TV that makes the remote beep... Anyone, anyone? Make a fortune! The idea is yours for the taking!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

I love it, Rebecca. You are right of course. In lieu of said button, we use what we like to call THE KIDS. They are great at finding lost remotes.

When my kids were little, we'd have to ask in this way: If you were the remote, where would you be?? That way if they hid it, they think you won't know it when they go and get it.