Thursday, November 02, 2006

Two Inches Less

As I ran my fingers through my long, straight black hair, I could hear the sound of hundreds of tiny hairs snapping under the pressure. Have you ever heard hair breaking? Like a crunching sound, but tiny?? It reminds me of the quiet but deafening sound of The Langoliers in the novel by Stephen King.

I knew it was time for a haircut.

"How can I keep my hair long and healthy?" I asked my stylist. "I don't use any product, so it's not really being damaged by chemicals..."

"There's your trouble. Right there. You should be using chemicals. Then when you flat-iron your hair, the heat acts first upon the chemicals, instead of your hair," was her reply.

She round brushed my hair with such fluidity that I was left aghast. She applied mousse, then blow dried it with a round brush, then applied something called "Repair and Shine", then flat-ironed it. My hair was straight, yet full of body. It was lovely!

When I create my own worlds without number, I'll finally be able to have a hairdresser of my very own! :)


Rebecca said...

When I create my first world I'm just going to have perfect hair. And a flying pony.

Freckle Face Girl said...

Sign me up for one too, please! I just don't know how they can always make it look so much better.

Thunderchops said...

Hair is going to taste like cinammon and grow back when it falls out in my world.

Puppies will have gumdrop eyes as well and walk into shit all the time.

Good times for all.

Sideon said...

No product???

No product???


I have no words for this. I'm simply stunned. Okay - a few words.

You have mango lotion but NO hair product??

Ay, Dios Mio!

Mom said...

Yeah! Perfect hair, that would be nice. Stylist advantage is that they don't wear our hair while styling it.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Sounds like Sideon should be a consultant for women's hair products in the next life....

I have oily hair. Any suggestions?

Christy said...

Love this idea... I need to add that to my list of things that would happen if I ruled my own world.

I straighten my hair every day, and my hair dresser told me about a great product but now I can't think of the name of it. Anyway, I use it every day out of the shower before I blowdry my hair. I'll get the name and get back to you, it's worked wonders.

Is your hair naturally curly, too?

Bishop Rick said...

your title scared me for a minute. not sure why.

La said...

My hair is naturally wavy, Christy. It's really awful.

Christy said...

La- the product I use is called "Slick" and it's by Schwarzkopf Professionals. It works quite well, so far it's the best straightening product that I've used.

BTW, wavy is probably a better description for my hair, too. Unless I'm on the east coast when it's hot and humid, then it gets downright curly.

Anyway, yay! We're hair twins!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

BR makes me laugh.

Montgomery Q said...

Hair dye counts as a product