Friday, November 03, 2006

It's Friday, but what does that really mean?

I don't usually do this. I've made an effort to keep most of my complaints off my blog. I want to keep this as a forum of positivity, for the most part. But damn. I can't keep this in any longer so here's a list of current complaints:

* Being sick, especially the gutteral phlegm-y coughing kind

* Getting my period 2 weeks early, and having it for a week straight (as opposed to 5 days)

* Having a sick kid, and having the school call you to inform you of her 101 degree fever, which you should've known about if you were any kind of a parent and checked that kind of thing before you sent her off to school (esp. since she stayed home from school sick yesterday!)

* Not having someone to make me homemade chicken soup and bring me clear fluids all day long

* Jim missed Pam's text message last night on The Office. I'm getting sick of that storyline dragging out.

* Poopy diapers. I'm SO over any baby-hunger...

* There's too many movies I want to see. I don't have enough time!

* Saying the words, "Mormonism doesn't really affect me anymore", then pausing, then hearing Dick Norse on KSL talk about Gordon B. Hinkley on the news. Okay, I proceeded to flip off the TV, so maybe I'm not all the way recovered... :)

This list has gotten way too long. I'll stop it there. Happy Friday to you all!


Rebecca said...

Periods SUCK. Thank Joss for tampons. If your daughter didn't moan and lay listlessly on the couch because she felt so ill, it's not your fault you missed the fever. Feel better - (warning - an indulgent and resentful Me vs. My Mom story coming up) MY mom sent me to school with a bad stomachache, and later that day I stood up in class, started walking towards the teacher's aide, and fainted dead away. At least you didn't send her to school KNOWING she was sick (at least I HOPE you didn't. If so, ignore what I said. You ARE a bad mom).

We should go to the movies at the same time and annoy everyone by texting each other throughout.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Just let it out, La, let it out. Sometimes we gotta bitch! You saw my full week of negative blog posts, right? Did it bother you? I didn't think so.

After watching the British version of The Office, I find I prefer it over the US version, so I don't follow it.

Have a great day, and feel better soon! I'd bring over a casserole or something if I lived closer.

Christy said...

Goodness gracious, you have a lot going on there! If anyone has the right to complain today, it's you. Don't be hard on yourself, okay? I'm sorry to hear you're still sick.

Thunderchops said...

Get well soon Laura. My suggestion would be to have your kids (if you have any old enough and not sick) do all the dirty work for you today.

Nap your ass off.

Anonymous said...

I try to follow the US Office for this reason: they actually make new episodes. I was disappointed by the British one. once I finally got inot it, it was over.

Your post gave me an idea for a blog of my own.


Bishop Rick said...

It was Dick Norse that broke the news about Splenda.

Sideon said...

I'd send you some of what I'm taking, but it's for allergies. **sigh**

Homemade chicken noodle soup is the BEST. The noodles aren't hard to do at all. You don't need one of those fancy-smancy pasta cutters. No no. A rolling pin, flour, egg, water, salt... a knife. You're good to go.

Drink LOTS of liquids, m'dear. So much that you think you're living in the bathroom. Avoid listening to Enya - that music tends to make for more visits.

**big hugs** Get feeling better.

(I tried sending this about 20 times since Friday - thank gawd for notepad and saving my files before sending! :))