Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dave Took This...

Another bird:
"Okay, so I have a bunch of pictures of the AFA - UofU game last Saturday night in Colorado Springs, but I don't suppose anybody cares that much, although it was another GREAT game, culminating in a last-minute field goal by the Utes for the win. So for this week, I'm sending a picture of the Air Force Academy mascot, the falcon that flies around the stadium. This picture is up close and personal thanks to my most excellent vantage point FROM THE SIDELINES!! I thought it was cool because for most people who follow Mountain West Conference football, the falcon is just something that somebody on the radio tells you is happening. Even on T.V., its none too dumb. Anyway, here she is, with her AFA hat and everything. I don't know, maybe not that cool, but I was impressed."

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Sister Mary Lisa said...

I'm duly impressed, and that photo could so totally be sold to the school I bet! It's awesome.