Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Blogging. Fits. Period.

I think it's funny that SML has written a couple of blogs about her period. I haven't ever done that before, and since it's behaving freakishly right now, there's never been a better reason! :)

It's coming up on three weeks now that my period has been my constant companion. And remember: it started two weeks early in the first place. Normally I'm like clockwork with my 28 day cycle. Granted I've been a little stressed out recently, but this is getting ridiculous!

The thing about it is that to fix it I'll have to go on birth control pills. I can't just NOT do anything, or else I'll develop anemia, which my mom had when she was younger. But pills?!? Argh.

I'm not very good at taking daily doses of anything. I think I'll look into like a once-a-month birth control shot or something. Last year my doctor decided that I had mild depression, and put me on Effexor as a remedy. I was actually a little excited to try it, to be honest. I had to take my pill every day, and I was warned that I wouldn't feel much difference for as long as six weeks. I lasted on that drug for about 8 weeks. When it kicked in, I wouldn't get out of bed. I could sleep all day long. So yeah, I decided I could probably get myself out of the depression more easily.

This year I've lost some weight--about 20 pounds total. I would presume that has something to do with my jacked up hormones, except I lost it in a very healthy way. I basically cut sugar from sodas, and switched to skim milk and some other non-fat products. So I am not convinced that's the reason why my body is f-ing with me.

I have a doctor's appointment set for next week. Hopefully she'll tell me that I'm A-OK, and we'll have a good laugh at the mystery of hormones. But likely, I'll be put on "the pill" and have to mess with them some more in order to find balance. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

I was on Effexor for a while, longer than eight weeks, hated it. The side effects were awful, slept all the time and it made me sweat when I was sleeping (gross). Good for you losing 20 pounds, it's amazing how much how you can lose by cutting out sugar. We have done the same since I got diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, and I have lost 20 pounds as well.

My wife pointed out to me while I get small in the gut, other parts are starting to get bigger. Way cool to make the wife happy.

Just one of many said...

I have done Paxil CR and loved it...of course piggy backed with zanax is a lovely thing!
Chin up, at least your not pregnant!
Now I sound like the fucking spider from Charlott's Webb!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

It feels strange to read the word fucking in the same sentence with the innocent and sweet spider from Charlotte's Web.

Anyway, I'm glad I didn't gross people out with my period discussions, but hey! They are a huge fact of life, and if I can't talk about life in my blog, then what can I do???

A 3 week period when you never used to be irregular is scary. Could mean any number of things. Hope it comes out all right.

Did that last sentence come across as tasteless?? I've said that to my kids before when they told me "I'm going to the bathroom, OK?"

Rebecca said...


Sister Mary Lisa said...

I'm thinking of a new title for you here:

Period. It's the Shits. Period.

Bull said...

You might want to suggest getting your thyroid hormones checked. They can play havoc too. Irregular period was how my wife discovered she had hypothyroidism.

They also have non-cyclic pills now that completely stop your period. Supposed to be safe and I'm not sure why women are still going through it when they could stop it in its tracks for as long as they want.