Saturday, November 04, 2006

My New Obsession

There is a beauty in the world which, when tasted, cannot be lived without. I, of course, am speaking of DVR.

DVR is a way to record tv programs digitally. That is to say, without a tape. That is to say, how did we ever survive without this technology?? I am not like Rebecca, who is a psychic. By psychic, I mean that she mostly remembers which night her favorite shows are on. No, I'm no psychic. I forget which night are my shows. So this season I've stopped having "my shows".

Not to mention new shows! Friends and family alike have implored me to watch Heroes, which I had thought seemed interesting when I saw the previews. But, alas, I missed the season premiere, and I can't remember which night it's on. So no Heroes for me.

Enter in my friend Lee, who has the most bitchin' entertainment system EVER (Ok, besides Sideon, who is Uber-Entertainment Man). We spent a couple of evenings at his house and we are not only caught up on every episode of The Office, but we also are nearly caught up on all the Heroes episodes. YAY!!! And now I'm hooked. Yay for the sedentary lifestyle that is television addiction!! Woo-hoo!

DVR made this possible. I can't go back to VHS! That would be like eating my daughter's cheap Halloween chocolates after sampling luscious Swiss chocolate like Lindt. It would be a crime. And so, I vow to get DVR*.

*When I can afford it, cause damn it's expensive! :)


The Sinister Porpoise said...

Ich habbe Toblerone
Du hast Toblerone
Wir habben Toblerone, auch.

Eight Hour Lunch said...

Du bist ein funny focker, porpoise.

Yeah, DVR is great, but beware. It can have unwanted side-effects:

Christy said...

Toblerone ist sehre gut. When I was 7 I went to switzerland and I got lost in Bern when I was unrwrapping a Toblerone candy bar. This was in 1982. An old swiss couple found me and took me to the polizei, who treated my like gold. They offered me a coke and I told them "NO, I'm a mormon and I don't drink coke!" and everybody laughed at me. True story.

I love Lindt, too. Next time I see you I'll be sure to bring some and we can sin together. That sounds so naughty!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

OK, seriously, it's so awesome to be hearing my beloved DEUTSCH right now! Thank you (wiping a tear from my eye.)

Now...DVR is awesome, until you tape that favorite episode when you are gone, only to come home and find that IT DID NOT TAPE! That really sucks. Happens with VCRs too, so whatever. But anyway...Don't wanna be a poor sport here, but that's what's up. And sometimes you have to delete something unwatched just so you have enough memory to tape the new thing you want. That also sucks. You are limited in how many hours you are allowed.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Oh, and Heroes is my favorite this season by far.

Bull said...

I love my Tivo and I'm hooked on Heroes. Or is that Hiro's? I'm so confused.

You know what sucks? When you're on a flight and the good captain comes on the air and announces the final score of a key game over the intercome. Hey Doofus! Ever hear of Tivo? Some of us were on our way home to watch the game, but I guess we can just delete it now. Mutter, mutter, mutter....

Sideon said...

I don't understand the entertainment center. Too many remotes! A universal remote would take weeks to program.

I hope this comment posts. Blogger hates me, lately.

Rebecca said...

DVR isn't that expensive - mine is $2 more a month than what we were already paying. But you do have to have digital cable... And you can record up to 60 hours if it's not HD, and that's plenty for me. If I'm not caught up before I need the space then there is a SERIOUS problem and I'm joining a support group.

"Heroes" rocks!