Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Few Thoughts About Nablopomo

I set myself a goal, and I made a commitment to fulfill it. I've missed several days of blog posting, however, so this goal of A Post Per Day was not met.

"You'll find that the more you break the promises you make to yourself, the easier it gets."

At first I didn't meet my commitment by accident. This has been a stress-filled month, and I couldn't think of anything to say, short of laying my whole personal life out for the world to witness. I just can't do that, you see. I thought about blog posting every day. Having pictures to post saved my butt for a while, but even that got old.

But then, since I had missed a couple of days here and there, the importance of my goal diminished. I found solace during this difficult time in my music, in a friend, and in being alone without my computer. I put a separation between me and my virtual reality. Coming back now, I admit that I feel a little guilty for alienating my friends (blogging and beyond) and ignoring them. I know that's not justified, but it's there.

Now today it's the last day of November. I still have posted more this month than any month prior (I believe, but am to lazy to verify for certain). I'm happy with the things I've been able to say, and when I look back upon what I've published, I will be reminded of how I got through the hardest month of my life. So I'm satisfied. It does get easier to break promises to myself, the more I do it.

It's been fun for me to see how others have coped with the sheer monotony of posting every day. I'm so thrilled for those of you who made it through, who persevered. You deserve any [eh] prize or satisfaction you get!! Great job!!

So here's to the end of the Nablopomo era, at least for 2006. I'm nearing my year-of-blogging mark, so soon I will go back and read my archives and decide what progress towards discovering myself I've made. I know that I know myself better. I know that I like who I am, even though sometimes I don't like the things I do. All in all, blogging has been a great blessing for me. :)


Sister Mary Lisa said...

It does help us know ourselves better, huh? I have really enjoyed getting to know you and others better too. Blogging is great in my opinion.

Hang in there, and I look forward to any posts in the future!

Bishop Rick said...

You have all (most) of our emails if you want to talk about anything offline.
Even though we try to be funny or stupid, and in many cases don't know each other outside the virtual realm, we still consider each other friends. Use us if you need to.

Rebecca said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Post about monkeys.

Bishop Rick said...

That's monkey placenta to you Rebecca.