Sunday, June 25, 2006

Utah Valley Sex Show

Last night we went to a local club and saw 2 Live Crew perform live. Here are the highlights, for those of you not priviledged enough to have experienced it:
1- One of the dudes has a gimp arm. Who knew?

2- They actually have hired girls who's only job is to bend over and touch their crotches. Oh, and to shake their asses. They're called the "Me So Horny" girls.

3- Most of the people that were there were probably 6 years old when 2 Live Crew were popular.

4- Their music is not that great. Damn, I finally found something I won't listen to! I used to like them, back in the day. But now I don't, so that must mean I'm old.

5- Live groups are never quite as good as their recordings. Is there anyone that's REALLY good live? I want to experience that, if there is.

We didn't stay for the whole thing. I'm much more fond of the regular hip-hop in clubs. But still it was pretty fun.


Sideon said...

Annie Lennox. Her live performance takes her recordings to a new level.

She IS a goddess.

Andrea Bocelli. He's a god.

-Domokun- said...

Grateful Dead were SOOO much better live than recorded. Too bad that Dead shows are a fast fading memory.

Bull said...

ZZ Top put on a great show in Austin. Sounded and looked great.

Montgomery Q said...

boingo, squirrel nut zippers and TMBG are all better live. Their live performances are what make you love the band, and the recordings feel flat in comparison....