Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Here's Why You Should Come to Utah:

Because you'll get to meet some really cool people, and talk about everything from BYU to sex to motorcycles.

I had the pleasure of meeting Bull from Life in the Fast Lane this morning at Starbucks in American Fork. What a nice day it was!! Good conversation, good coffee (I guess it was good, as I had to mask mine with all sorts of sweet crap), and just a great way to start a day.

Anyone coming to Utah? Let me know, and we'll get together.


DFB said...

So I was at The Republican last night and Lizzie pulled out her laptop for some reason and Reagan ended up surfing he MySpace account for a while and she kept leaning over to me and asking questions like "what's your e-mail address?" and "what's your favorite color?" Finally she asked me "what's your password?" and I asked "for what?" and she says "for your new MySpace account." I said: "you're pretty dumb." Anyway, here it is:
http://www.myspace.com/davidfosterbrowning .. go there and be my "friend."

Rebecca said...

I had fun this morning -- even though I totally got lost. :) We should just go out for coffee more often. As in, more than once.

Sideon said...

I won't say this often, but sometimes I miss living in Utah for SOME of the social connections.


I'm green with jealousy.

Bull said...

Hey, it was great meeting you in person and visiting. Even if you don't like coffee it is nice to meet and talk over "coffee" even if you are drinking hot chocolate or whatever.