Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Buh-gillion Degrees Outside

It's hot. Too hot! What date is it? Like June something? And I'm already complaining about the heat? Great. 2 more months of summer left; the two HOT months, no less.

I think I'm going to turn into my grandparents, who, since I can remember, always stayed in St. George for the winter and Rexburg, ID for the summer.

Ah, my grandparents. I love them! They've been gone for 6 years now. I wasn't able to attend either of their funerals, because I was poor in North Carolina at the time.

I remember when I outgrew them, and I'm by no means tall; I think I was maybe 12 or 13. They were short and adorable. Grandpa couldn't hear a lick, so he'd sit there quietly playing with the youngest children. He developed alzheimer's and became a prick to my grandma, who was the sweetest thing in the world. He couldn't remember who I was, and he would keep asking my dad if he "was still dating that Diane girl". (Diane is my mother, and my dad had been married to her for 25 years by this time)

Grandpa died in October of 1998. My grandma was actually relieved, and was excited to get reaquainted with all her grandchildren (caring for an alzheimer's patient takes ALL of one's time). She made me an afghan for our wedding that year. I think it was the last one she made. She died in November of 1998. A month later! No health problems, either. When I was mormon I used to attribute that to their souls needing to be together in the spirit-world, teaching the gospel. I always envisioned them meeting me whenever I die. I don't envision that anymore.

Ok, well I'm not sure how it being so hot outside turned into reminiscing about my dead grandparents. But it IS hot outside. Did I mention that? :)


Rebecca said...

Yeah, I've been staying in my air-conditioned apartment, watching "Buffy" and being a total hermit. WAY better than being out in that horrible heat. We should go out for coffee sometime. SOON.

Christy said...

Hey Laura, this is Christy. I met you through Amy and Brad, remember me? You let me use your flashlight on the hike down from the hot springs. Oh, and you sang karaoke with my husband last February, at Julie's. I've enjoyed checking in on your blog from time to time.

Anyway, my grandmother also died in November 1998. I have very fond memories of her. And just like you, I used to envision the day that I died, she and my grandfather would be the first ones to greet me. I don't think that anymore, and in a way it makes me sad. In some strange sense, I still hope for some sort of afterlife where friends and family can hang out again.

Sideon said...

It's cold here today. The weather was in the 90's last week. Not today.

Strange weather.

Global warming is here.

Your grandmother sounds like she was a wonderful woman. I'd love to see that special afghan.

MattMan said...

Living in hell, er, I mean Texas, you have to find ways to manage the fact that it's f'ing HOT -- and for a LONG time, not just 3 measly months.

A couple years ago I was in a good habit of riding my bicycle to work (5 miles each way), and when it came time to really pour on the summer heat, I found that I wasn't all that miserable.

I think the lesson I learned is that for it to be more tolerable, you just have to repeatedly expose yourself to it. Not unlike building up melanin in your skin through repeated short-to-moderate exposure to the sun, to avoid sunburns as summer progresses.

Since I haven't bicycle commuted in a long time, your post has reminded me that I have to find a way to condition myself to the heat so I won't be miserable as the summer drones on. I've been doing a weekly long walk out in the hot sun (wearing a hat, of course), once a week -- I think that'll cover a basic minimum, but I really should figure out a way to do more. Thanks for the reminder!

Mom said...

Well, Hot is relative! It's not in the 100's yet here, put hi 90's and 98% humidity. It seemed it would never stop raining and finally, today it was sunny and Hot, wit 68% humidity. It was still HOT!

It was HOT all over. Wet in the Northeast, really WET! Pheb and Ted here for 2 weeks, they will get to know what it's like here for and extended time. Hope it's not too bad on the 4th.

Well, just because you do not believe anymore about the here after, there is a life after whatever we have here. You just got to figure what it is like for yourself. Have you checked out John Edward (not the NC John Edwards), the psychic John Edwards. Check him out and let me know what you think.....

If you have an open mind, you will know what I mean. We should always have an open mind and knowing of one's self. Smile will ya!!!!!!!