Saturday, June 03, 2006

The I+verb+whatever thingy

I am looking for value in myself
I have made mistakes, but I’m trying to take life-lessons out of them
I want inner-peace
I wish I could travel the world
I hate (did this once already!) repeating my hates :)
I love laughing, get-togethers, good movies, beer buzzes, pretty boys
I miss playing softball, having more freedom
I fear living a less-than-wonderful life
I hear my neighbor’s sprinkler, whirr of the computer fan, and clicking of the keyboard
I wonder if I’m right about my Souls-are-really-condensed-tachyonic-masses theory
I regret not getting self-control over my exercise routines when I was younger
I resent being judged
I eat figurative crap
I drink diet coke or diet dr pepper way too much
I am learning as I go
I dance but not very well. It’s fun though!
I sing anywhere. I started out in choirs, A’cappella, Show & Chamber, etc. Now I’m trying to broaden myself to try solo, though I’m not that great.
I cry but I hate it. (yet another repeat!)
I am not going to be my mother
I make the best mother f’ing chocolate chip cookies on the planet… maybe :)
I can't figure out how to like myself
I need to go running, right now!
I should get up, put on my running shoes, and get going
I start things all gung-ho;
I finish them very seldom.

(see? here i go again stealing rebecca's stolen idea. pattern, much?)

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Rebecca said...

Well, I stole it from Christopher Bigelow, so really you secondhand stole it.