Thursday, June 15, 2006

I wonder what this means?

It's been cool here for the past few days, so we've been getting in our hot tub almost every day. I've neglected my back yard for a while now. Maybe because I'm tired, maybe because my mind is elsewhere. Anyhow, I haven't gone back there during daylight for far too long...

I just went outside, and here is what I saw: nearly dead grass (we don't have a sprinkler system), all sorts of beer bottles scattered across the east side of the yard, bottle caps everywhere, matches and cigarette butts everywhere (I don't smoke, but some friends do), and broken glass on part of the patio.

What does all this mean??? I think I've officially crossed the line into white-trashiness.


J. said...

We cleaned our house yesterday.. adn left with five bags of trash. I don't think that it's necessarily white-trashiness.

I actually think that other things are being done that take precedence over other things.

MOM said...

Sounds to me like you need a couple of garbage cans for tranh and recycle and a couple of buckets filled with sand or cat litter to put out cigarette butts in.

If you give them a hint, they might be able to know how to clean up after themselves. Inexpensive trash cans will do lined with a plastic bag, same for the garbage. Just make sure you mark the recycle, maybe glow in the dark letters or paint.

Some daytime visits might help and a cheap sprinkler that requires manual moving. You do have a hose, RIGHT? What do you need for a jump start?

Weather here has gotten hot this weekend, mild so far. Of course that Tropical storm dumped a lot of rain on us last week and washed out Honeycutt and Durant. Rained most of the day steady and fast. The yard just sucked it up and washed away the rest and we watched the grass grow about 3 inches with the rain.

We have been cleaning up the storage room we had on the back deck and repainted & redid the furniture & cushions. Lookin' good, so far. So a little get up and go in the AM before it gets hot will help. We're doing a little at a time (since March) and it is starting to come together, FINALLY!