Saturday, June 24, 2006

Doug's Requiem

Requiem aeternam
grant them rest, eternally
Dona eis Hefeweisen
Hefeweisen, we pray to thee
Et sex perpetua
and sex perpetual
Luceat eis
shine on them forever

Te decet hymnus
Thou beer art worshipped
Beer in Sion
worshipped in Zion
et tibi reddetur votum in Salt Lake City
thy praises shall ever be sung
votum in Salt Lake City
in all Salt Lake City

Exaudi, exaudi,
O hear us, O hear us
Exaudi orationem exmos
O hear thy faithful exmos prayer
Ad te omnis caro porn affero
to thee shall all mortal flesh give porn.

Note: Why, oh, why would we want to sing a requiem to beer and sex? We don't want them to DIE. Maybe a requiem for ripped apart finger-smushed bread and tiny cups of water would be more appropriate. Edited for Doug's favorite beer. ;)

1 comment:

Eight Hour Lunch said...

HA! Point well taken. Of course, when they say requiem, they mean eternal requiem (or rest). As for me, I don't want it to last forever. I'm just going to requiem on the couch with a nice cold heffeweisen and watch a show.