Sunday, June 04, 2006

Stranded on Utah Lake

Well after having most of a serious suck-fest of a weekend, my family and my niece and nephews all went boating on Utah Lake again. Oh the sunshine was out, and the lake was refreshing (as much as U.L. can be, that is...) and it was a really lovely day.

We took a break from adventure and just turned off the boat so we could chill. Ate some snacks, downed some cold ones, and basked in the sun. After a while we decided to head back to the marina, but the boat wouldn't start. Apparently the engine got flooded because my nephew stopped too hard, and sloshed gas all around in the cylinders. Of course at that point I tuned out all the mechanic-speak. :)

So we spent several hours total on the lake, waiting for the sheriff's dept to come rescue us. Never happened. My older nephew got so antsy that he started hailing boats passing by, much to the embarrassment of me and my niece. A boat load (literally!) of really nice people towed us to shore, so the excitement was over.

Through it all I never stressed out! I just enjoyed the tan I was getting, the music we had playing and the company of my family. Another fabulous Sunday, taken full advantage of.

Not really a neat story, huh? Oh well. I had fun.

Amendment to this blog: my nephew found out that the boat wouldn't start, not because of a flooded engine, but because the key (or ignition switch rather) wasn't in all the way!! Nice, huh?

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MattMan said...

Sounds like a good time to me! Much better than my Sunday anyway. I love being on the water.