Sunday, March 25, 2007

La: revealed

I have two major issues with my children, neither of which do I handle well. The first is that my 7 year old daughter never says "Okay". She puts up a fight on anything and everything. She expects fun activities and toys, etc., but I cannot engrain the idea of Earning into her.

Where do kids get this sense of entitlement?

The other issue is with my 2 year old son who has The Loudest Scream Ever. And boy, does he use it. One scream and my ear drums are piercing, seering in pain. Most of the time I ignore it, so that he doesn't start thinking he can do it to sway me. But seriously, ouch.

He and I have started working on talking through his problems, instead of screaming. It has actually gotten a little bit better. But there are days that he just wants to let it all out. It's those days that have me so ashamed of myself I can hardly stand it. I lose my patience; I am unable to deal with him.

So now it's out. My deepest darkest secret, which I never admit to openly. I suck as a mother, and my kids are getting screwed up because of me.


Simeon's . . . Turning the Corner said...

La, Don't beat yourself up. We all feel that way. Just remember, your youngest is only two. My two year old is crazy too. Not much you can do except be patient and discipline them once in a while when they are really out of hand.

My 7 year old is going through the same thing. It's mostly an age thing I think.

Or, we're all just a bunch of crappy parents! I'm sure you're a good mom! Hang in there.

Rebecca said...

Everyone screws up his/her kids. It is inevitable. Enjoy it.

Aerin said...

At least you recognize that your daughter has a strange sense of entitlement and are working on it with her. So many parents shower their kids with everything they want and the kids end up selfish and believing the world should be theirs on a platter.

I don't know what to say about the screaming. There is a lot of screaming in my house too (my twins are almost 2). We've found that time out for only a minute or two works pretty well for them at this age. They don't like being separated from what they want.

Just one of many said...

I grew up in a crazy blended house...half Irish Half Greek!
I thought yelling and screaming was NORMAL!! Still do :) As long as it is not demeaning, we express ourselves in a loud boisterous volume.
Seven is an age of all about me. They are naturally self-centered because they are still young and just learning to be empathetic and they aren't aware that someone has to bust their ass to put food on the table, buy that cute dress, or their favorite toy. Give it time...she will learn!
As far as the screaming, enjoy it! One day he won't even want to acknowledge your existence...quite painful, believe me. :) I feel your pain!!!

Eight Hour Lunch said...

My seven-year-old is just the same. It's weirdly comforting knowing that she's not the only one.

Eight Hour Lunch said...

Oh, and two words:

Shock. Collar.


Sideon said...

Voice lessons for the youngster - he could be a child prodigy - shatter crystal and glass onstage with soul-piercing crescendos. Until puberty.