Thursday, March 01, 2007

The point isn't that I watch MTV during the day.

"Aw...what the heck? I'm not doing anything, nothing is on, it's no big deal," I said to myself as I slowly released the recall button I had almost pushed. I set the remote down next to me, and settled guilt-free into my sin as MTV played out on the TV before me.

The show was Underage and Engaged, which I'd never heard of before. Two episodes later, I could feel the guilt creeping in. But the third episode was starting, and in the first minute the engaged couple had said they were each 19, and they were both Mormon. My ears piqued in interest. I had to watch this episode.

The episode was about how the girl had always dreamed of her temple marriage since she was a little girl. Her boyfriend had converted to the church after they had started dating (oh, how that sounds familiar), and he was the only one in his family who was LDS.

My heart broke as I heard his mother in tears talk about how she wouldn't get to see the wedding of her only son. How this young bride wanted her new in-laws there at the temple for pictures afterwards, and his mom said, "They want me here for pictures, but they'll already be married. And I'm just supposed to smile for the camera."

I hope that one day this young girl can see how her unrealistic ideal of how her wedding ought to be was selfish and unnecessary. It was tragic, I tell you.


Sideon said...

The more media attention to the freakiness and non-familiness mindset for non-members, the better, because that's more people who are less likely to ever join the freak-show called Mormonism. More media = less converts.

Do they play music videos on MTV any more?

Just one of many said...

I loved the story about the abducted LDS bride! Her parents abducted her because she refused to be sealed in her hometown temple!!! LOL!! made me smile! :) Glad to see your posting! P.S. 30's ROCK!!!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Wow. Simply....Wow.

dorth said...

I saw that episode, too. It was so blatantly obvious that the girl was a selfish brat that it made me cringe. That the church would encourage that is so sad.