Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I am ALL enlisted 'til the conflict is o'er

Some weeks just suck. Some weeks you just have to put on a happy face, or grit your teeth, and pretend your life is normal. That's hard to do when you wouldn't recognize "normal" if it hit you in the face.

There is so many reasons to be down lately that I really really think I need to sit here and force myself to come up with some good things. So, let's see...

The weather is great today. Or, it was great this morning.

I got my van cleaned yesterday. For two bucks it's looking pretty sparkley.

Heroes is getting better and better. I have to rewind each second to think things through and tie pieces together. If anyone in the room is making noise I freak out. Each little second seems vital. It's good.

Work is a place of safety and escape for me. I like it there.

My sister rekindled a friendship that she had 20 years ago in high school. I'm very excited for her.

Rebecca is coming to Utah to visit. Why isn't she here, this second, in my room with me??? That's what I'd like to know. By the way, Becca, I want to monopolize as much of your time as I possibly can. (Just so you can be prepared for that.)

Okay so there are a few good things going on with me. Also, snotty noses and dirty diapers and complete oblivion aside, my kids have been more fun lately. Right now I guess I'm in a coping phase. Just live each day, don't hurt yourself or anyone else, and endure to the end. Or endure to the next phase, I should say. I feel like I'm Mormon again.


trueheroesfan said...

I understand you hate Nikki/Jessica on Heroes...check out this and pass along to your Nikki/Jessica hating friends!

Here is a link to the now infamous video of the guy who went up to Ali Larter at Wondercon 07 this past weekend and asked her if her character would die this season, knowing she wouldn't be able to answer. He just want to let her know that Nikki/Jessica sucks, and the Wondercon audience then took his half way decent joke out of proportion.

Funny stuff...

Rebecca said...

I DON'T KNOW WHY I'M NOT THERE RIGHT THIS SECOND!!! Believe me, I wish I were. I miss my friends. And you are free to monopolize as much time as I HAVE, which might not be a TON, but will still probably be a decent amount. Also, you will probably have to do the driving since I don't want to pay to rent a car. Probably. My job is boring. Which I guess is way better than sucking.