Friday, March 16, 2007

It wasn't eavesdropping!

I was eating lunch at Costco today, and next to me was a woman with two men having a conversation. I could hear her describing what I think is a local charter school to the men. She said:

"It emphacizes Christianity and government. Daily we read out of the Book of Mormon and have prayer."

Oh, to live in Utah Valley! My lunch companion then said, "Yeah [a mutual friend] found it hard when he was interviewing for jobs because it's all fine to be non-mormon, but to be EX-mormon? Well that's just not a good thing. He wondered if he should pretend he was never a member and act like he doesn't know what they're talking about."

I wonder if the people next to us heard that.


DFB said...

That better not be a charter school! Those are publicly funded. She had better been talking about some totally private school.

La said...

Yeah I think she was talking about Heritage School, which I don't think is a charter. It's for all those home-school, Ted Kazinski types who need some form of social interaction.

montare said...

Actually I think Heritage is for "at risk" kids--you know, the ones born on a cold and gray Chicago mornin (in the ghetto... in the ghettooooo), then imported to Utah for an infusion of good old-fashioned family values. And brainwashing. We're very good at brainwashing.

Doug said...

Of course, never mind that all the religious states have higher crime. Family values, indeed.

Just one of many said...

OMG!! I really needed a good laugh!!
On to serious matters...I like your new pic!!

The Sinister Porpoise said...

*shrug* At least the people of Delaware county had the sense to vote out the idiots who tried to pass off intelligent design as science.

Good thing I don't live in Utah, but religious zealots are everywhere.

Kullervo said...

For me, the weird thing is my resume. I mean, I went on a mission, right? That's two years of devoted service that looks pretty good to a potential employer.

But... I no longer really want anything to do with the Church. Which means if I put the mission on the resume, I have to explain that. Because they'll ask.

What to do... what to do.

I wonder if it would be different in Utah. would people just see it on my resume and assume?

Anonymous said...

Might be Kimber Acadamy. That is talked a lot about in Southern Utah.