Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Since JOOM begged... :)

Since I have nothing to say really, I'll just write some ramblings about my life.

I really love my job. Last night I stopped by to pick up my paycheck. When I walked in, I saw familiar faces and it felt just a little bit like home. I sort of get why Cheers was based on reality. Hanging at a bar isn't something I'm used to doing, but I get the sense of family that those who do feel. Laurie as bartender, Julie, Scott, Ralph, and guy-I-can't-remember-the-name-of were all there at the bar and said Hey when I walked in. Soon they'll all be droning in unison, "Norm!"

There's a guy there named Unc (like the first syllable of uncle). I don't even know his real name. There's a loud-mouth trucker who's called Skinner. There's a prim Scottish guy named Brian. There's a dashing player named Shawn, aka Italian Stallion. Janice and Darryl always drink Michelob draft.

I love my job.

I love my family too. We got together for dinner on Sunday, and had a blast singing karaoke. How many families can do that? Grown-ups and kids alike, enjoying each other, singing solos and duets, and just hanging out.

My nephew Oliver had heart surgery last Friday. Check out my brother's blog and see some of the pictures. He's doing great. I saw him yesterday and would never have known he's gone through surgery in the past week. What a stud.

Ok, time to get going with my day. :) Thanks for reading, lovely people.


Rebecca said...

Goodbye Trolley People!

Just one of many said...

Wow I didn't realize I had such a strong power of persuasion! I love every-day joes...familiarity is so comforting at times! Good to hear your nephew is recovering nicely!
You would have to be VERY drunk to appreciate my singing!