Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Early Morning Reflections

(second writing. first one got deleted. lets see if I can remember... ARGH.)

In my living room I have a special corner with all my favorite things. I sit under my dimly lit paper lantern and read a book, light an incense, stare at my children's pictures, or maybe contemplate my relationships and my life. Yesterday I was enjoying my chair in my corner, and I realized I have each of my favorite things there. As I thought about it, each of my favorite things took on a symbolic representation, and I found it interesting that they're all things I strive for inside of myself. For instance:

Rainbows: a new beginning, a fresh start

Buddah: peace and tranquility

Dolphins: fun-loving and free-spirited

Dragonfly: beauty in all things

Another experience I had yesterday was that I had to wake up early, get out of my warm bed, to move my car. I grumbled as I stepped out of the front door into the bitter morning cold. It was coincidence that I happened to look up at all, but I'm glad I did. The lavendar sky was crisp and clear as it stretched out before me. The serenity of early morning calmed my flustered heart.

Spring is a time to remember life and growth. It's about surviving the dark, bleak winter. It's almost here, you know.


Rebecca said...

It's finally cold here, and it's FREEZING!!! But I kind of enjoy it, even as my toes fall off one by one. Spring is not my favorite, because that means SUMMER is soon, and ugh. The heat. Whatever. I think you should get a tattoo of a dragonfly lifting a rainbow Buddha off the back of a dolphin. On your FACE.

Just one of many said...

Symbolism is often forgotten amongst the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. I am glad you have been searching out the joy-makers in your life! What scent of incense?

La said...

Becca: I just had the idea recently to have a rainbow striped dragonfly smoking a joint as a tattoo. I hadn't thought to incorporate a Buddah and dolphin too. More thought required.

Amy: I'm not really sure which scent. My favorite that I can't find the equivelent of is a marijuana one that my sister brought me from Ecuador. The ones here don't smell as good. And no, it didn't really smell like pot. But I did like it. :)

Sideon said...

Good to see you posting again!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

I like that you can appreciate the things you love around you. Too often we focus on TV and music and paying bills and forget to remember the things that make us happy.

That comment above by Rebecca made me snort. She's so funny!