Thursday, February 08, 2007

I write weird :)

My most favorite person told me that he has a hard time reading what I write because he's never sure if there's more to it. He feels like he's missing something.

When I write, there is usually other meanings than just what's on the surface. I use writing as an outlet for thoughts, and my thoughts are usually focused on what's in front of me. But instead of coming out and telling everyone my intimate details, I think of a representation for it. My friend can see there's symbolism, but it's hard for him to process his way through it.

So take, for instance the lyrics of the song World Full of Nothing by one of my faves, Depeche Mode. (to be continued...)

Skin on skin
Tears are falling
Tears of joy
Her first boy
His first girl
Makes a change
In a world full of nothing
Though it's not love
It means something

She's lonely
And he says
It's for her only
That he lusts
She doesn't trust him
Nothing is true
But he will do
In a world full of nothing
Though it's not love
It means something

It's easy to slip away and believe it all

Though it's not love
It means something

Almost every time I post a song, it's because the lyrics are poignant to me in that moment. The internet isn't a safe medium for me to go into the details of why it may be poignant. So I think of a way to vent my life without putting too much of myself out there. While it may be true that I wear my heart on my sleeve, that doesn't mean I'm reckless with it. :)


Just one of many said...

Weird?? Don't think so...SUBTLE is more like it!

The Sinister Porpoise said...

Your writing seems fine to me, and I'm an excellent judge of weirdness.

Sideon said...

'reckless,' or was that 'wreckless' intentional? :)

Song quote time!

"i don't wanna think about it (don't wanna think clear)
don't analyse (what i'm doing here)
i wanna be impulsive
and lose myself in your kiss"
-from Wilson Phillips' "Impulsive"

Gotta love those song quotes!

Write on - by all means - write on.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Yeah. You can code it all you want into lyrics. Adds to your mysterious aura!


Just one of many said...

SML, Is that Aura Laura?? Reminds me of the cartoon Orel Moral!! LOL!! WE LOVE LA NO MATTER HOW WEIRD SHE WRITES!! Smooches & Hugs!

La said...

Oh, god. I'm so embarrassed, DON! K, correction made. :)

Thunderchops said...

Speaking of weird writing, you need to post again.