Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Just for fun

Perfect Combinations

Bacon and orange juice

Chocolate chip cookies and milk

Boo and Harvey (my cat and my dog)

Me and my bed

A warm blanket and a heater vent

Firefly and a big screen tv

Me and my old car, my black Hyundai Sonata with tinted windows. (It matches my new phone! no wonder I love that phone so much...)

My skin and Cashmere

Less-than-perfect Combinations

Diet Coke and mint flavored gum

Coffee and my stomach

Purple pants and anything

Hard toilet paper and bums (OR the kind that leaves lint. Ew.)

Cocktail waitressing and high heels

Politicians and believability


Rebecca said...


Just one of many said...

Perfect combo:
french fries & ice cream

Not so perfect combo:
Me and my silver mini-van...I wouldn't like it even if I had a new silver Razor phone to match it! Yuck, mama mobile!

Sideon said...

Perfect combos:

Hot tubbing and cold nights
Tights and ballet dancer butts
Nuts... and bolts
Root-beer floats and cheese fries
Blue Skies and rainbows.

Less than Perfect (but still interesting, beguiling, or fascinating) combos:

Karaoke and too much Alcohol
Andy Warhol and Pop Art
Carte Blanche and Diners Club
Stubble and chaffing from kissing.

La said...

JOOM!!! That is such a good addition. I'm with ya.

Oh, and Firefly is the best tv series ever.

Don. All you think about is sex, isn't it? HA!! Who are we kidding, it's all I think about too... :)

Sideon said...

If I'm not thinking about it, I'm having it :)

Anonymous said...


Bishop Rick said...

ok, right now its New Orleans and hurricanes


Hurricanes are good.