Friday, January 12, 2007

Cold Hands, and a Not-So-Pure Heart

It's cold. Damn cold. And this weekend it's forcasted to be colder. JHC. (our Lord's initials, for all you non-blasphemers out there)

I'm sitting here blogging fully dressed (as opposed to how I'm normally blogging...!) and wearing my coat too. I don't think I'd type as well if I were wearing gloves, so I haven't resorted to that yet. I'm close though.

**tangent alert**

JOOM: totally come hang if you're here. Seriously.

Rebecca: who's the "ho" exactly??

DFB: Yeah it had meaning. Bite me. Oh and let's watch Return of the King.

**whew, survived the tangent**

So all I want to do is stay in a warm bath or the hot tub all day long. As soon as I get out, even though it successfully raised my body temperature, I get cold again.

I used to love the cold. But now I don't. I can picture myself living in a climate that either A) doesn't ever change more that 20 degrees one way or the other or B) somewhere hot. Although, mid-summer I get pretty miserable if it's too hot. Maybe I'll migrate south to St. George, UT in October and back north to Rexburg, ID in April like my grandparents used to.

Until that time, sadly, my hands will swell and shrink with the ginormous temperature span here in Utah. Or maybe I can get Tom Clark to knit me AWESOME pussy-gloves to match my AWESOME pussy-cap. :)


Michelle said...

I know what you mean...I'm sick of the cold too and this is only my second winter! But what can you expect, really, from a Florida girl? The humidity there will kill you, though. It's disgustingly hot in the summer. You can be naked in your house with all the windows and curtains closed, a/c on and still be it really screws up your hair!

Just one of many said...

La, it's a deal! OOHH, I just love his caps. He has gloves too? Stay warm!

Rebecca said...

-You are.


J. said...

I completely agree, it's bitchin' cold up here. Hell has officially frozen over.

It's not good. Going to be working almost 70 hours straight this week. We need the money because we purchased a new vehicle.

A Dodge Grand Caravan. (Read Uber-Mormon Assault Vehicle - don't ask me why)

Damn thing is pimpin'.

Anyway.. I completely agree that it's cold.

Peace out, La.

Bishop Rick said...

We have a saying where I come from about cold weather. I can't remember how it goes, but it has something to do with titties, witches and brass bras.