Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Happy Bloggiversary To Me...!!! (all together, now)

Hello my friends. One year ago today I created my blog and published my first post. Oh my how things have changed....

I have met people from all over who make me laugh, who inspire me to greatness (haven't gotten there yet, though), and who have become my friends. I just want to take a minute to bare my testimony of some of the bloggers who have pulled me through this past year, and got me ever closer to Finding La. :)

Sideon, Don, you're the first person I met. *sigh* You know my heart melts for you (just like all the other ladies!). You Aries, me Sagi, we are a fiery pair. My mango lotion will forever remind me of you.

JLO, Runtu, I don't even know if you read my blog anymore. I miss you, though I haven't devoted much time to the blog world lately. You doubt yourself so much, and yet you've been a life support to so many people. Plus, I still hold on to certain images which remind me to relinquish control now and then. Good life lesson.

LFAB, Carol, you are the ring leader. You are known world-wide, and you are one of the most intelligent people I know. And. More important. You are SO sweet. You can talk politics, computer geek stuff, or fashion. Diverse and funny! AND HOT! Sheesh. You've got it all, woman.

Rebecca, Rebecca, what can I say? The first thing you ever commented on my blog was that you loved it. How can I not like you? Who says you're not personable? I'll kick their butts. I think you've seen me more like Myself than most other people. Move back here. Now. You're hot too (said only because I just told Carol that, and I didn't want you to get all up in my business about not saying it to you. But see, Carol and I haven't been on a girl-date, and I never had a girl-crush on her like I did with you, so you can't be jealous).

I have bunches and bunches of other blog friends too, but those are my first 4. These are the ones who read my blog from the beginning (mostly) and who valiantly helped shape me in my tenuous first days out of the church.

One year ago today I had submitted my paperwork to have my name removed from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. My childhood religion.

One year ago today I was new to the exmo world, and I spent ungodly amounts of time on the RFM message board.

One year ago today I still had brown hair.

One year ago today I weighed lots more (not sure how much, but damn if I'm not in a size 16 now for the first time since high school. YEE HAW!!)

One year ago today I didn't know that I'm beautiful. (except today, because I have the flu.)

One year ago today I was uptight and naive and I thought I'd experienced everything I ever could sexually. I was wrong.

One year ago today was the first step in a long, arduous journey that I've undertaken. I've never felt more free, content, and excited about life than I have since letting go of my religion. It's been such an amazing year. Ups, downs, and plateaus made this one of my best years ever. Here's to (at least) 50 more, just like it!!



Thunderchops said...

Great post La!

That...that about sums it up.

dorth said...

it's a little gay

dorth said...

but gay in a good way!

Thunderchops said...

...NOT that there's anything wrong with that!

dorth said...

Paul, what do you think?

Thunderchops said...

"That is cuckoo nutty, Dave"

Just one of many said...

CHEERS!! I love reading your blog. It has helped me through my first year...well 7 months now!! THANKS A MILLION!! :)

Sideon said...

Happy Blogiversary :) What a year it's been! Let's see what kind of list of memories I can get going:

- Music, particularly Sarah McLachlan
- MSN, yahoo, or google chats
- Hot tubs (jets, lights, pics)
- Grudging necessity of cell phones
- Phone pics from concerts
- Bumper Sticker: "I'm so gay I poo rainbows"
- Mango lotion
- Tequila!
- Scrunchy face and saying "No!"
- Toy (ahem) discussions
- Swimming with Brandt and Lindsay and avoiding the water pistols
- Changes, changes and more changes
- Friends
- A certain brunch at the Dodo
- Sangria

Hugs and Love,


Rebecca said...

#1) It wouldn't have even OCCURRED to me to get on your case about the hot thing. And now I'm all embarrassed.

#2) You're pretty much totally awesome.

#3) *sigh* I SO miss hanging with you

#4) I think I'm going gray, so now my youthful looks (people here keep thinking I'm 18-19. WHAT?!?!?!) will be counteracted and people will think I'm 45. I'm not sure if I care, but I might.

#5) I miss you

#6) When I met you I totally thought you'd been out for YEARS, and that you were so free and open.

#7) I still love your blog

Rebecca said...

That would have been funny if I'd accidentally skipped a number. Because I've totally done that before.

J. said...

Congrats La. =0) We all miss talking with you, since we all get very little time. We miss our lunches at Red Iguana. =0)

Take care!


Simeon's . . . Turning the Corner said...

Congrats La! Thanks for being an inspiration. Keep up the good work and know that people love reading what you write.

Eight Hour Lunch said...

Happy year! You and Eric are both on my daily stop list, and it's been nice to follow your posts. Don't quit!

C.L. Hanson said...

Happy Bloggiversary!!!

Congrats on a fantastic year!!! :D

Sister Mary Lisa said...

You know how you posted those who inspired and helped you when you were first out? Well, your blog was one of the first I found, and you really inspired me to start my own blog (along with JLO)...

You are an amazing woman.

Just one of many said...


The Sinister Porpoise said...

No mention of me? You know Porpoises have fragile egos which is how they differ from dolphins.