Friday, January 19, 2007

My Kids Are Awesome

So I've been thinking lately that I really need to tackle and conquer my faults as a mother. You know, the things that make you realize that you are turning into your parents. One of my issues to work on is that I need to pay more attention to my kids; be more involved in their development as human beings (as opposed to their development into mini-Laura's). I've come up with a few things I can do to pay more attention to them.

I guess all this thought I've given to this topic has automatically turned my attention to my kids. I have been a little more patient, as far as I can tell. I've become just a little more amused by their antics, instead of being pissed off.

Anyhow, I was just sitting here watching them. Their PBS show had ended, and it was listing the sponsors of the program. During that part they were yelling at each other; but in a funny way. Then the tv had a little song play during the "commercial". When the music started, they jumped off the couch and started bouncing up and down on the floor, in rhythm to the song.

My son ran over to where I was and almost hit his head on the corner of the desk. I didn't yell at him, but instead I fake-sternly told him to Watch It! I suppose that's neat to no one else but me. Oh well. My son then ran back and forth across the room, and he was delighted that I was watching. His little eyes sparkled.


This will be a good change for me. :)


DFB said...


Just one of many said...

It's hard to remember the joys of being young! I struggle with the same thing!!

Bishop Rick said...

I have a new 2 year old (foster child) that I'm trying to treat better than I treated my older kids (10, 12). Not that I treated them poorly, but just with more patience and appreciation as you mention.

Makes me sad for the time lost with my older kids.

Michelle said...

Girl, I am so with you on this one. It gets so hard sometimes. I try so hard and still wonder if it's enough...are they going to grow up and hate me anyway? But it's so great when just a little attention, no matter how small, can make the entire day different for all of you.

Rebecca said...

Good goal. Because mothers are inherently bitch-monsters and must fight agains that with all the willpower they possess. Otherwise I feel that kids have every right to demand their parents pay for therapy when they're grown. Therapy and lots and lots of Ben and Jerry's.

aerin said...

I wish you luck! I find it gets a little rough after the tenth time (within a half an hour) you've said no.

Motherhood is a really tough job. It's not simple - and it's not innate. The fact that you are being conscious about your reactions makes a great difference IMO.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Thanks for giving me the idea that I could stand a bit of improvement in the motherhood department too. Or more than a bit.