Friday, December 15, 2006

What does a lion say?

From the time we're little, we learn about how the world works. My 2 year old son knows what a lion says, and yet he doesn't know what a lion even is yet. Same with a cow, duck, sheep, and various other animals.

He learns things with such enthusiasm. His little lion growl is menacing and adorable. His face lights up when he's told, "Good job!" He gets joy from such little, simple things. So to honor my inner-toddler, here's a list of simple things that bring me joy:

* talking and laughing with my older brothers and sisters

* driving fast, specifically in the middle of nowhere

* going to lunch

* baths

* snuggling

* pretty underwear

* dragonflies (who doesn't know that yet??)

* successfully baking something delicious

Okay but in all honesty, my son is a holy terror to be sure. If there's something to get into, he'll do it. He'll find breakable things. He has an inner-magnet for trouble and mess. So I feel it's only fair and judicious for me to make a list of things that I shouldn't take pleasure in, but do.

* leaving a pile of clothes in the dressing room after trying them on

* downloading Mp3's illegally

* smoking a clove-flavored cigarette (though I've sworn them off)

That's all I can think of right now; I must be an ANGEL! :)


Sister Mary Lisa said...

Great lists here, La. I was just thinking the other day it might be time for another things-that-make-me-happy post.


Rebecca said...

Things that make me happy:

Cookies that I get in the mail. Because they're better than the ones I get in the store. Because they've been through the US postal system.

Finishing a workout. Am I EVER going to enjoy the actual working out part? Poo.

That half the people at Starbucks know my name AND my preferred drink AND all the little specific changes I want.


Bishop Rick said...

I noticed that you strategically placed snuggle between bath and pretty underware. Was that a freudien slip?

Sideon said...

I had some friends in high school who smoked. I never inhaled, myself. Seriously - it was pretend smoking up until my latter 20's! Then I just coughed my guts out.

Anyway... one of my favorite quotes from my old friend Alisha was when people would ask if they could "bum a cigarette" and she would ask them "doesn't that burn your ass?"

Your son is adorable, holy terror or no. I still can't believe how well he did in the pool here.