Wednesday, December 06, 2006

OH. What I Really Wanted to Blog About Today...


Okay so here's a spoiler warning. Come back when you're all caught up on the episodes. This is my water cooler, and if you're not up-to-date then go back to your desk and do your work. Or go hang at your own water cooler. :)

First of all, Eva's (is that her name?) just attained "cool" status cause she killed herself and didn't let Siler get her powers. Secondly, how sad is it that Claire's friend Zach doesn't remember now?? I was so heartbroken for her about that. And for Zach too.

The cop and the FBI lady are going to do it.

Why the crap are Nikki/Jessica, DL, and Micah involved in this story at ALL? Their storyline bores me because I don't get it.

Peter Petrelli. Cute enough? Here's my prediction, based on the dream he had. He absorbs the powers of those around him. So if everyone is around him, including the radioactive guy, maybe he IS the one who blows up NYC. I can't wait until January 22.

K your turn. Tell me what you think.


Sister Mary Lisa said...

I LOVE Heroes. We were speculating about why they have a break until Jan. 22nd. I'm guessing they only filmed so much of it to test its popularity?? How could they not know this is the Best. Show. EVER.?

:) I agree on the Nikki thing too, although sometimes I wish I had an alter ego that could kick ass as well as Jessica.

Thunderchops said...

I couldn't believe Brenda dissing Dylan like that at the Peach Pit in front of everyone. WTF ever. :(

La said...

The fact that you know who Brenda and Dylan and The Peach Pit are shows how much of a woman you are, Steve. :)

Go watch Heroes. It's good.

Thunderchops said...

God dammit. I guess I kinda had that one coming to me.

I'd watch Heroes but have missed out on the entire season. :( I'll catch up...somehow.

Simeon's Peep Stone said...

I really hate the Nikki thing too. It makes no sense in the context of the other characters. Her husband makes sense with his ability to reach through things, but she is just a schitzo. How is that a power? I'm sure her son will have some kick but power that will be revealed next season. That's the only reason I can figure for why they are even part of the story.

Rebecca said...

Micah already had some power moment - I just can't remember what it was. Nikki/Jessica probably WOULD just be a schizo freak, except that she's a character on the show, so I'm sure it's leading up to something. DL - well, he got the POWER. I think their story isn't boring or superfluous in and of itself, but because it has not yet connected, except incidentally, with the other storylines - it separates itself and that's getting old. All the other characters have connected in some important way (at least I think they have...I could be leaving something out), but Nikki/DL/Micah are still on their own little adventure, and that's standing out like a sore thumb. It's going to have to connect soon or it just won't make sense. I think it will probably be sufficiently brilliant, so I'm being patient. For now.

Peter - well, he saved the cheerleader, and since saving the cheerleader will save the world...I'm hoping she is able to save the world AND Peter Petrelli. Maybe saves the world BY saving Peter?

I love that we still don't really know if Claire's dad is a good guy or a bad guy - or one of those permanent gray area guys. Who is the Haitian? What will happen with Sylar? Is the other Petrelli (WHY can't I ever remember his name?) on the side of good or evil, or just himself? It seems that he's really just out for himself, but I feel that there may be some big reveal about his motivations in all this - plus he's the only one who's had any real contact with Nikki/Jessica (which brings me back to the whole thing about that storyline adding up soon). Okay, the end. Watch "Battlestar Galactica." It rocks.

La said...

The other Petrelli is Nathan, btw. I think that he'll turn out to be a positive hero in all this, once he gets over himself.

Micah's power was that he got an out-of-order pay phone to work. So I'm thinking he, in his own way, can ALSO see how things work, like Sylar. Perhaps he will be the counter hero that will be able to stop Sylar. Who knows?

I agree that Nikki/Jessica's "power" isn't much of one. Sure she can kick butt, but she can also get her butt kicked pretty hard...

Bishop Rick said...

I love Nikki, oh wait, that's Big Love.

Rebecca said...

I think we don't know Nikki's power yet - I think what we've seen is just like a symptom of her power or something. Or possibly she doesn't have a power, and it's all Jessica - or they have a power that they links them and they have to share. I don't know - I just don't think we've seen it yet. And Nathan...I don't know. There may have been some ominous foreshadowing - he might turn out to be one of the bad guys. Then again... that's one of the things I LOVE about the show - it's so good about keeping it all close until the reveal.

NFlanders said...

I think they are keeping the Nikki/Micah storyline separate to connect to Linderman, who looks to be the eventual Supervillian. They really need to do something with Nikki, because she's dragging the show down.

One question that bothered me: Why is Nathan taking money from Linderman after he crippled his wife? I think I might hold a grudge for a little longer than six months.

Bull said...

I think Peter's going to create a mega feedback loop. I thought it was pretty cool when Peter and the MindReaderCop were together and I was waiting to hear a massive mind feeback squeel. I think that is what is going to happen to Peter. Or maybe him and Silar get too close.

"Save the cheerleader; save the world" has to be the most unlikely catch phrase ever, but I think it's so cool.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

My kids whisper in a huge stage-whisper those words over and over every Monday night...

"Save the cheerleader; save the world" like the voice of doom.

Montgomery Q said...

OK, nikki's power is super-strength, id-like transformation into an inhibition-less, morals-less, awesome chick. And the ability to get a part on a major network show despite having no acting ability.

BTW, how awesome was it for Nathan to have loving with that kind of superchick in the hotel room?

If you read the comic, you can read more about their powers. I liked the one where the cheerleader almost kills that boyfriend/rapist and where the black dude escaped from prison.

Nathan is a good guy. He just refuses to use his power, because he blames himself for his wife's gimp legs. Now there's a hottie.

I was sad that Siler got Eve. SHe was lovely.

Hiro better get that sword and fight that t-rex soon, or I will be forced to apply stiff penalties.

Eric said...

GOD, I can FINALLY COMMENT ON THIS. I only saw last week's episode last night.

Niki/Jess is a power we really haven't seekn yet. Here's my plot prediction:

Nikki finally realizes she's as powerful as Jessica, and learns to be in control. Then, her real power manifests. She can duplicate herself, creating a super-strong, kick-ass, hot yet slightly bucktoothed two-woman fighting team. You see her twice in the NYC dream.

Peter: Peter is not the bomb. Peter finally gains a taste of enough power to figure out his own (we really haven't seen his OWN power yet). He has the ability to engulf himself in flame and fly around with super strength. He is the man in (EYE-ZAC)'s painting of the flying man in flames.

Micah is the anti-Sylar. He'll change his name to Timex or Rolex to complete the "time piece" motif. Just kidding on the name, but not on his purpose.

Nathan is the natural leader. Besides his power of flight, he WILL lead this gang once he believes in himself and isn't afraid of his power or his wife running him over.

Hiro has yet to do much. He has to learn perfect English at some point, and become a Samurai. His first test after training is to slay the dragon... er, the dinosaur. He has to learn to control his power better, so it doesn't look like he's taking a dump when he "shifts." He might even find a way to pull a certain dead love interest from an ALTERNATE reality.

Haitian is actually good. He somehow knows what's going on, or going to happen.

Claire is Peter's future love interest, about season four when she's legal. She'll be the only one who can be around him when he's hot and bothered. It's natural.

That is all for now. Listen. Learn. Follow me through this. I've been able to call much plot so far. I'm not perfect. At least, not with this.

I wish I were a writer on Heroes.

Sideon said...

Nope - still haven't seen the show.

I'm waiting for Christy to watch a Bond movie, then I might consider.

But the way ya'll keep talking about this show, I'm mighty tempted.

Montgomery Q said...

Is that mindreader cop lame enough? That actor is buddies with somebody, and has played in every sci-fi show and movie since the 80's. And he makes me want to shake him roughly and say "ACT!" Remember his scene in Lost as the pilot? Dildo.

Anonymous said...

I love him on Felicity.


Oh, wait! Did I say loved? I meant loathed. Sorry.

Rebecca said...

Okay, since EVERYONE is saying Nathan is a good guy, I'm going to HAVE to take the opposite side. I was split before, but now I'm firmly on the bad-guy side. Nathan is going to be a bad guy. Totally.