Thursday, March 16, 2006

Why I Blog

How come it's easy for me to sit at the computer and type personal thoughts/feelings? It's been a long time since I was able to do that with an actual journal. My thoughts don't form coherently when I'm holding paper and pen. Who knows?

Also, these are personal thoughts, right? Why should I send them into cyberspace where anyone can have a peek at them? Why not keep them private?

Here's why: personal does not equal private, in my opinion. Private things are what me and my husband did last night in bed ;), or the consistency of my baby's last dirty diaper. These are things that are saved for the dinner table at my mom's house. That's it. No one but my immediate family knows those things! (Now all of cyberspace knows what wackos my family members are)

Personal things are just things about me. And really, I don't get THAT personal here. I don't use my real first name (although not very hard to figure out), and I have only said that I live in Utah County (have I said that???). How many Laura's (oops!) in Utah County are there? Only a buh-gillion.

I like the comradery of the blog world. Maybe I am naive to the amount of its exposure, but whatever. I write my blog to my little circle of cyber friends, just like I would write them an email. I guess ideally I would like to have this same circle of intellectual friends in real life, but I'll take what I can get.

So to sum up, personal does not equal private, cyber friends are good, and I will continue to blog. The end.


Sideon said...

That's an important distinction, the personal versus private posts. I think some are threatened by the possibility that they may step over their own boundaries.

I'm glad you post on here. I don't need to know about last night's activities (fingers in ears, and I'm chanting 'na na na na na na na I can't hear you'), but I'm glad you're sharing thoughts on what is important to you.


J. said...

My mom brought up these same things yesterday when I told her about my blog. She is concerned about it all, and that there are is nothing much that is personal anymore.

I think her distiction is that same as ours. I have a difference between personal and private thoughts also. I can see a difference in them also, much like you.

My blog is not my life, my innermost private things. Maybe that will change one day, but I like writing about my ruminations also.

I love reading yours La. They are provocative, and thought provoking. A very good way of getting those conversational pieces out.

Joseph's Left One said...

I am very careful about posting anything private on my blog. My thoughts and experiences are mine, but when I start involving my family and friends and their private thoughts and experiences, I'm in trouble.

I really love reading your stuff. I'm glad you're here, and I'm glad I don't know what you do in bed or what's in your baby's diapers. :-)

Eric said...

I hold back a lot, but gladly put my real name on most of my writing. And my mom DOES read my blogs. Maybe that's why I hold back... hmm... anyway, for her my blog writing is one of the few windows into my life she has access to. I don't write anything that's too private, so whatever people may read will usually be something I might not shout to the masses but willingly offer to the world. As a good salesman sells him or herself, similarly, a good writer has defined boundaries between their personal and public lives. They, in effect, sell themselves with every word.

And when no one intentionally gets hurt, there's little reason to get upset about what's written on a blog. Who would write a blog that only the author would ever read?