Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Back to Normal (whatever that is)

The concrete is drying, my in-laws are back at their home, and my husband is back to work after a week off. So I'm back to being a full-time mom after a much needed partial break. The driveway is far from completed, though, what with finishing off some of the edges, getting rid of the old concrete, fixing the earth underneath the old concrete, etc. There's still lots of hard work ahead of us.

Lately I've been thinking about books or movies that illuminate my state of mind when exiting the church. 1984, The Matrix, The Island, Equilibrium, Logan's Run, just to name a few. All of these have the same theme: some form of power is restricting humans from completely belonging to themselves. One character (or more) "wakes up" and sees that reality is not as they had always thought. After the initial shock wears off, they get determined to either overthrow the existing powers that be, or feel the need to wake up their fellow humans so that they to can know "reality".

If I were part of a Hollywood movie, my next step would be to take down the church administration. But I'm not. I am not trying to de-convert anyone. If someone talks to me openly, then I'll do the same. But I'm not out to destroy the church or its leaders. I'm ready to walk away (as much as I can do that, in Utah) and move on. I'm enjoying my Sundays, although because I don't go to church I've found it harder to come up with what day it is. :)

My oldest brother now is in the loop about my exit. I just have to say that my family has been pretty cool, and I'm lucky compared to some. Now I'm ready to end this post. Bye!


DFB said...

You know, you're right. The war is with the church, not the sleeping members. Like in The Matrix, you can rescue one person at a time, but the machines are still enslaving the humans. Ooh.. if you're Neo, who's Smith? I know, its the GA's, the C12 and the 1stP. Their sentient programs designed to keep the peace, but their powers are limited to the laws of the environment the machines have created. That's why they can NEVER be as strong as you can be.

"Are you saying that I can dodge bullets?"

"I'm saying that, when the time comes.. you won't have to!"

Can't you just hear Dallin Oaks saying "Mr. Anderson.." That's a funny thought.

So how did Bru take the news?

DFB said...

Hmm.. I had a typo in that last post. That was dumb.

La said...

Is it time for a matrix marathon?? Sunday. My place.


J. said...

But I have to work, man! I always have to work when all the fun stuff happens!

DFB said...

Sunday works for me. Who's j.?

I wonder what kind of food goes with The Matrix.

So, blog on. How did Bru take the news? I'm going to kick his butt if he had anything to say about your salvation! Bru, if you're reading: La's salvation is up to her, not Jeebus. SAVE THIS!

I'm not really that mad, I'm just typing because I'm bored. I wouldn't be mad at Bru. But still, keep your salvation crap to yourself.

La said...

I'll tell you on Sunday what went down. It was good, I think.

Sunday it is...