Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What started out as a "titch of the flu" is now on its 7th day of making me less than normal. It's still just fevers though. I wonder if it isn't psychological. Maybe I'm trying to tell myself something. Today has been better though. I've been able to eat more than I have the past 3 days, so that's a positive sign.

On Sunday, our Home Teachers came to visit us. Actually only one came, and he brought some guy we don't know with him. 2 strange things happened during the course of their visit.

1- HT didn't even bat an eyelash when we told him we had resigned. Yeah, he knew.

2- He asked if they could continue to visit us. I told him sure, if they wanted, but they weren't obligated by numbers or anything. Plus, I told him that he could give a spiritual message, but mentioning Jesus Christ is iffy, and Joseph Smith is a no-no. He then proceeded to give a message about "Following the Master's Blueprint". Yeah, he talked about Christ. It was iffy.

After they left, I realized that I should have told him, "If you really want to visit us, then stop by whenever. If you happen to think about us, give us a call. That's being neighborly." He lives across the street from us, for crying out loud. We never see him except when he home teaches.

I don't expect to be love-bombed, but you never know.

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Sideon said...

By their actions you shall know them... or something like that. :)

Let's see how truly neighborly they are, when you're not an "assignment".

Congratulations on your resignation, by the way!