Thursday, February 02, 2006

Can of Worms, Meet Sunshine...

My BIC sister and I started this exit process together. Then my convert husband jumped on the bandwagon. Since it started, we've discovered other relatives who don't believe but don't care to come out of the closet for one reason or another. But we have one brother who has never been really active in the church. In fact, I used to get into screaming matches with him because I knew that he was tossing his salvation. Ya, I know, screaming was helpful.

Anyway, this same brother has kindly read my blog, and followed some of my links. He found himself on Recovery for Mormonism, and started reading the short topics page. He discovered that he could relate to stories of hardships, persecution, and families torn apart because of disbelief. He realized emotions were there that he had never known before.

So even though he's been inactive for well over a decade, he's just starting his recovery process. And he didn't even know he needed to recover! Ha, you're welcome for that, bro.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how dumb you are? Hmm. I'm not "recovering," I just like to read how other people are dealing. Maybe I'm recovering just a little. L thinks that in letting these stories piss me off, I'm enslaving myself to the mormons again. She's probably right. Any fool can get free. To live free, that is the task.

Anonymous said...

zyfwogirThere is no such thing as recovery!! Why do we have to search for acceptance by God if we ARE good souls and loving people? What it is, is self examination and what we truly believe.

Knowing yourself and what you believe, that is truth, to yourself. Sometimes it takes us along time to understand and accept our inner beliefs.

The feeling of commitment to our family, our TRUE friends and ourselves is part of knowing yourself. Accepting our vulnerabilities and weaknesses and knowing ourselves is the road to understanding ourselves. Knowing who GOD is about, is knowing ourselves.

Look around, do you see the mountains? GOD is there. Look into a Childs eye, do you not see GOD in his eyes? He believes in your love and acceptance ,no matter what. That is to know truth.

Look for the wind rustling the trees, God is there. Listen to the birds sing their songs, God is there. He is EVERYWHERE! He is in you too! Just search yourself.

It is how we conduct our lives and treat others, that we begin to know ourselves. How do they perceive you? Ask yourself that and ask if you can do a better job at how they see you. Especially if it is not a good one or mediocre one.

We are all part of this universe and terra is our beginnings. We will return to those beginnings when our bodies die. But, our souls will live on.

A question to explore is the SOUL(ourselves) and what it is and why we believe in our soul. Why do we believe that redemption, Is the answer? Why can't, basic good works and acceptance of everyone and ourselves, be the answer?

Philosophy lesson #1.


Sideon said...

One option is to change your comments setting and only allow registered users.

When anonymity is used in a lame-ass attempt to disparage, where they don't have the spine/balls/guts/courage to attach their name to their own thoughts?.... Yeah - make them register and weed out the riff-raff.

Runtu said...

It's nice to see the love dripping from our anonymous friend.

Recovery is the perfect word for it, whether you take it as recovery from foolish behavior (like alcoholism) or from major trauma (like a train wreck), we are recovering.