Friday, February 10, 2006

Sweet tea and Little Dutch Boy cookies

My brain must be fried, because this is all I can think about.

Sweet tea is good. I don't remember having tea much when I was a kid, but I've always like the flavor (as opposed to coffee, which I like the smell of, but hate the taste). I moved to North Carolina when I was 18, and it was all downhill from there. I would drink the stuff all day, if it didn't dehydrate me. Why can't water taste like that?

As for the cookies, they've become much more prevalent, and you see them for every holiday. So now it's the Valentine's Day variety. The way that they're crispy, but crumbly. The almond oil (or whatever) leaves just the right after-taste. I love them so much, I hate them. God, you hear about people who can eat whole bags of M & M's, or Doritos. I could never understand that. Until I met that little dutch boy. Do NOT leave me alone with them.

Ok, well, peace out.


Gunner said...

I think standard sweet tea is to watery. Most people brew a pot of tea then poor it into a pitcher and fill the rest with water. Yuck. I brew a pot, then leave the tea bag in and brew more and then a third. Each time it is thinner and thiner, but it is not water. so after three brews the gallon pitcher is full and darker then heck. Then I add the sweetener(Splenda). I know sugar is standard, but I am trying to lose the weight so it is splenda for me.

Triple brew your tea and enjoy real dark sweet tea.

Eric said...

You know, while my last name is French, most of my ancestory is Dutch... wink wink

Sideon said...

I've been doing this South Beach thing with my partner for 3 weeks now. I could kill for a cookie! :)

They need to change the name of the cookies, though. Little Dutch Boy?

J. said...

I've been on a diet for 2 days, and I am lookin g to kill someone. Reducing your caloric intake and everything just makes everything crazy.

Sorry to have missed you on the 11th! *frown* We'll have to set for another time!