Friday, February 03, 2006

No need for Recovery?!?

K, thanks to Anonymous for the God-lesson in the comments of my previous post, but to say there is no such thing as recovery??? Have you BEEN a mormon lately? This has nothing to do with "acceptance by God"; this has to do with seeing the world without my mormon rose-colored glasses on.

Try, just try, to know these things with a sure knowledge:

*How things began and how they'll end

*What "god" is like, physically and spiritually

*How "god" created the earth, and by what means

*The exact methods (i.e. signs and tokens) used to get back to "god"

*The nature of ancient prophets, like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, etc...

*Paying 10% of your income will keep you off the Outer-darkness roll.

*What to put into your body, and what to abstain from

*When/where to partake of the most intimate aspects of your life

*Joseph Smith prayed and saw God the Father, and Jesus Christ. Later he prayed again and an angel told him about some gold plates hidden in a nearby hill. When he was allowed to finally get those plates, he translated them by the gift and power of the Lord, and the resulting words are now in a book called The Book of Mormon.

Ok, if you have never believed those things so strongly that you'd die for them, you probably don't know what I'm talking about. But see, after 27 years of complete belief, 8 months ago I found out that they really aren't true. 27 years versus 8 months. Cut me some slack, Anonymous. I have to retrain myself how to think, here. And that is called "recovery".


Sideon said...

I like your style!

Hey - what'd you think of "Latter Days"?

Runtu said...

People why I can't "move on" after 6 months. Well, let's see, I had 40 years in the church, and my wife and children are still in it. But, hey, I'm just being bitter if I can't just put it behind me.


Simeon's Peep Stone said...

La - Thanks for the comments on my post. They help. I've been reading through yours and can relate. This post here is exactly where I'm at right now. I linked you on my blog.