Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tah, tah, tah Tuesday

It seems lately that I've heard about many marijuana busts in our lovely Deseret. What's lame is that they release the footage to the media (or invite the media to come along), and make a big show of it. Meanwhile, meth is almost as big of an "industry" here, and we rarely learn about meth busts. I don't know if I've ever spoken out in favor of pot-smoking, but I certainly think pot is significantly less dangerous to society and safety than meth is.

K that's my rant for today. Today was kind of crappy at work. It makes me wonder why Tuesday is the day for crap. I mean, is everyone just so pissed off after Monday? I don't get it. It was actually a good day for me, but everyone I talked with seemed to be having troubles.

Dang, there was another rant. Positive, think positive. Two (2) songs that make me happy:

Daft Punk "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger"
Cake "When You Sleep"

Resulted happiness results in a tickling of the children. Good times!


Sideon said...

Monday: denial that it's not the weekend and it's the start of a long-ass work week. One dreary-eyed trip to Starbucks.

Tuesday: you wonder how a co-worker (who constantly farts and belches - LOUDLY) didn't get drowned at birth by his mother. You offer to finish the job for her. Two trips to Starbucks (to save your lungs and to spare the aforementioned fucker's life).

Wednesday = hump day. Yes, please. Starbucks is unnecessary today.

Thursday: smiles about hump day. Enjoy a slow coffee at home.

Friday: the beginning of the weekend. Add tequila to coffee.

Rebecca said...

Monday: Sucks

Tuesday: Sucks harder

Wednesday: Sucks slightly less

Thursday: Almost Friday

Friday: Friday

Saturday: Day after tomorrow is Monday

Sunday: Tomorrow is Monday


aerin said...

Have you seen the ingredient list for meth? At least marijuana is fairly au naturale....

DFB said...

I was in a good mood.. and I noticed you didn't return my call. I figured you were in a bad mood. Anyway, don't forget about next Saturday (5/12). The boy is dancing and I got you a ticket.

Montgomery Q said...

Things that are funnier than farts and burps = 0

Tell him to come work at LW.