Monday, May 28, 2007

An anonymous comment I just received on an older post:

Hi, it's Sunday morning and I'm Mormon and I stumbled upon your blog because as I was preparing for my sacrement talk and my RS lesson which I agreed to do on the same day because I was asked, I was feeling the spirit so strong that I just starting singing and the song that I started singing was "I walk by Faith, a daughter of Heavenly parents" well I couldn't remember the entire song so I typed those first few words into google and you had cited those words in your blog so it came up in my search. I read a few of your entries and I have this to say about you, first of all, you speak so much about the church it's like you're obsessed, if I had a blog I don't think that refereces to the church would find their way into every paragraph and I go to church every week, I think your obssession is because you are trying to cut your ties with the church but in fact part of you thinks back to the great experiences you had and the times that you felt the spirit and you know in your heart that the gospel is true and that you are not living your life the way that you should and part of you wants your infant to grow up surrounded by the love and the clearity and the truth of the gospel the way that you did, and you haven't gone inactive because you're just lazy because you are already searching for a new church, you're searching when you already know the truth. Did you ever pray to know if the chruch was true? Have you received your testimony? If not, don't you think that you owe it to yourself and your family to do so? Reading your blog did not completely take away the feelings of the spirit that I was experiencing when I was singing hymns and coming to look up the lyrics, but I do feel sad for this time in your life, you are experiencing a trial and I hope that you find your way past it, you seem like a bright and beautiful woman with a lot of love and a lot to offer, I probably have had an easier life than you so I'm not judging, I'm just saying that it sounds to me like you are mourning for the gospel, like you need it, like you feel a void, so just come back, if you don't like the structure of the church and can't handle that right now, at least do some personal worship and searching, read the scriptures and pray, invite the spirit into your heart and your life, sing your favorite primary songs to your child, share the spirit with your child. You are a daughter of God and he loves you, good luck with your journey.


Rebecca said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That's GREAT! La, the Spirit is so strong right now! In my head I'm singing that song about pioneer children walking. I think I'm going to get me some magical protective undergear.

Sideon said...

Sad that Anonymous didn't spend as much time on spelling and grammar as he/she did on unsolicited internet testimonies.

My cute little Mormon 3rd grade teacher would have beeyotched slapped such shoddiness.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that's it. Thanks Anon, I am off to stake conf. on Sunday. The spirit is moving on me now, or maybe it was the Mexican I had for lunch. Anyway gotta go.

eric said...

My question is, did she find all the words to that song she was trying to remember?

Bull said...

Yes. We blog about it because we secretly know deep down inside that it's true. If only we'd pray that would answer all of our questions.

1) We blog about it because we suffered through a life of brain washing and it takes time and effort to work out where we are out after realizing the church is false.

2) Prayer is not a very good way of discovering truth. Prayer won't make me forget all of the lies that the church teaches about itself. Even so, my prayers never told me that the church was true and never made me feel comfortable about the church's many, many problems.

3) Belonging to the church never gave me clarity or peace. Quite the opposite. The contradictions and problems and lack of peacefulness made me feel like I had a split believer/doubter personality. I have peace now that I know the truth about the church.

4) I'd gladly leave the church alone, but it won't leave me alone. I still have family that believe and so I'll have to deal with the church for the rest of my life. The blog gives me a place to work out the issues associated with that.