Monday, May 28, 2007

Questions / thoughts for anonymous:

When was the last time I spoke about the church? Oh, wait. It was on April 04, 2007, and mostly I just said that I was raised Mormon. The post you were referring to about "I walk by faith..." was written in March of 2006. So that leads me to my next question:

How do I "speak so much about the church it's like you're obsessed"? What you are referring to, I believe, has to be taken in context. I was in the church for 28 years, and then found out that the teachings aren't true. So, yeah, I had to vent some issues and frustrations to let that part of my life go. But you were reading blogs from that time of my life. I have let it go now. I don't obsess anymore. I rarely talk about Mormons anymore.

"you know in your heart that the gospel is true and that you are not living your life the way that you should". No it's not, and yes I am. I'm living my life exactly the way I should be living it. I'm growing, I'm progressing, I'm working on my faults, I'm a decent person, I'm a mother who loves her children (and gets very frustrated with them), and I'm intent on justice and balance and living the golden rule.

"Did you ever pray to know if the chruch was true?" Countless times.

"but I do feel sad for this time in your life, you are experiencing a trial and I hope that you find your way past it, you seem like a bright and beautiful woman with a lot of love and a lot to offer". I AM experiencing trials and rough times in my life. None of them have to do with my leaving the Mormons though. Thank you for the compliment, and I am flattered you recognized that.

I did have to mourn for the Gospel because I believed it so strongly. But I have bounced back and I have new spirituality that brings me peace and joy. I have not sought another religion, nor do I intend to. I love my past and my experiences from my Mormon days, and I DO sing primary songs to my kids still. I just don't sing ones that refer to prophets or Jesus Christ.

Thanks for your comment, and I'm glad you found your way to my blog. :)


DFB said...

What you really need to do is to sing "We Thank Thee Oh, God, for a Prophet" to your kids. Then that will make the church be true.

Sorry, just having fun. Not making fun of anonymous. She seems well-meaning, you know. She didn't say anything that made me want to kick her in the teeth, which most mormons do immediately upon opening these anonymous posts.

What's quaint is her absolute disregard for truth. I mean, it doesn't even occur to her that she's been manipulated her entire life and is being manipulated now. That thought doesn't even get suppressed, because it has never been any part of her worldview at all. Sad, really.

Rebecca said...

I'm glad you sing primary songs to your kids - that obviously means that deep down you know it's true. I know that, with the summer coming on, you really miss your garments. I salute you, with my hand to the square.

C. L. Hanson said...

Send Anon over to my blog -- I'm so obsessed and unable to move on that I wrote a whole friggin' novel about it. ;^)

Sideon said...

Please don't send Anon my way - my obsessive/compulsive nature would be editing every one of their run-on sentences.

Just one of many said...

Hey La,
What the hell? I've tried to e-mail u, but haven't got a response! Miss you and your spunky posts!!

CV Rick said...

I don't know why you bothered . . . he was just trolling for bites on his "I've saved another lost and wandering soul" fishing excursion.

TBM's are crazy, it's best to just back out of the room slowly.