Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

What better time is there to blog? It's early in the morning and I can hear hustle and bustle downstairs in the kitchen. I'm under strict orders to not leave the bed. Whatever can be happening? ;)

I have some pictures that crack me up, so I think I'll post them. My 3 yr. old son has been prone to falling asleep lately, wherever he might be at the time.

At the top of the stairs, outside the bedroom...

Dinnertime at Winger's...

Isn't that fun? You just never know when you might open a door and find him at your feet, out cold.

He's also done very well at his potty-training lately (snaps to his dad!). He can't differentiate between the words "pee-pee" and "poopie". I laugh every time he approaches me, visibly excited, and says, "Mommy! I just went brown stuff!" What can I say? Maybe he'll be a color-freak, like I am.

Sometimes I worry that his big sister is his best friend. I know that it's really a good thing and that they'll be close when they're grown-ups. So usually my worries don't run too deep. But then I see something like this:

Playing dress-up!

Oh well, kids will be kids. They sure look pretty, don't they? :)


KickButtMommy said...

Love the dress up. I can fall asleep anywhere too. Only that happened AFTER I had my third child.

loopyjulia said...

You have beautiful kids! Happy Mother's Day!

Montgomery Q said...

One time I worked in a home for mentally disabled. Every day a lady named Robin would greet me with a poo update. Color, resemblance, consistency, etc. "Hey Paul I had a long brown mommy with 2 kids."

I think she's the one I miss the most. She had a roommate that would then always yell "SHUTTUP ROBIN!!! YA BITCH"