Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The reason why I can't quit my job. EVER.

The system at work just went down, so what better use of my time is there than to BLOG??

I moved desks at work. It's a perk. It's kind of perky. Perkish. I enjoy not staring at a wall anymore. There are too many walls in my life at the time being, so it's a refreshing change to have a nice vantage point of the office. I wasn't too sure about it, until the first day, mid-afternoon, when I beheld this on my white board:

Our new building has a lot of windows. When I saw this prism right here beside me, I knew I loved my new desk. Take note of this awesome picture that has a heart-shaped reflection on the white board. Kismet! Serenity? Karma? DESTINY! :)


DFB said...

I thought that reflection looked like The Virgin Mary. Hmm. I guess I can see a heart, too.

El Tigre said...

that pic is really cool, thank you for letting me see that.

and i can totally see how you can see a virgin mary...