Sunday, January 13, 2008

What to do when you're bored...

My family has a hard time not mocking people. And things. And well, pretty much anything.
After a delicious lunch at Fuddrucker's on Saturday (best. burger. ever.), we thought shopping at Ross would be a good idea. While I really like that store and love it beyond sanity when I find a great deal there, the styles of clothes they sell are gradually slipping south. (Ha! I remember when we took Lee's kids shopping for clothes there once, and his 17 yr. old daugher grumbled, "Everything in this place looks Mexican." So, "south" pun kind of intended.)
I like to call these The Scribble Pants
Alternate view of The Scribble Pants , plus Dave's thumb of approval

It's fun to get your 12 yr. old nephew to try on clothing that he'd make fun of if he saw someone actually wearing it.

These pants rock so hard that they slow down time when you wear them! Don't believe me? Proof is in the picture, people.
If you're ever in a store and people are laughing so hard they're crying, and you can't really figure out why, it may just me be and my brother. We mocked clothing in public, my son had a poopy diaper, I was wearing shorts on a cold winter day. What? We don't want attention...


DFB said...

Phone cameras are so useful.

eric said...

I love how Ross has snow poles installed on all their shopping carts so they can't be lost among all the random piles of clothes.