Monday, November 05, 2007

Ideas Needed!!

Hey friends! I am thinking about taking a cruise this spring, and I'm trying to get info on the best options. I will probably want to do the Mexican Riviera thing, to see Cabo San Luca and other towns down that way.

Have you been on a cruise? What do you recommend? What DON'T you recommend?

Thanks for your help!


Bull said...

I took a 5 day cruise with my wife out of Galveston. It was convenient because we could drive to the port.

I didn't think interior versus exterior cabin really mattered because we really only slept in the cabin. We spent most of our waking time around the ship.

I like the seated dining. I discovered that you could order as many entrees as you wanted.

The food was great and I ate a lot, but I used the gym and ended up not losing any weight.

The entertainment was okay, but what I really enjoyed was laying around doing nothing.

If you get seasick you might see your doctor about getting the patch. It takes a prescription but apparently works really well. They say that it's not a problem on the large ships, but we had one night where you could see the hallway tilting back and forth and my wife got sick.

I look forward to doing it again, I just feel guilty leaving the kids behind.

You might check out for booking. They had much better rates than anywhere else and if you are flexible on your dates then you can get some amazing deals.

Jed said...

Definitely look at the reviews before cruising. For example, I think Celebrity offers mainly French food and I'm not a big fan so Celebrity isn't for me. Food is a huge part of a cruise.