Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What qualifies as "recovered"?

Really. I want to know. Cause I think I might be. Is there a test or something?

In all honesty, I didn't have to talk about my not being LDS. So if my cousins had brought something up, the test would've been my response. They talked about having gone to the temple ceremony, but other than that there wasn't anything mormon brought up.

It was pretty stupid to get worked up for nothing. Sorry! But here's a couple of pictures for your viewing enjoyment:

Notice his "left one" is prominent!
That was for you, JLO.

Me and my love doll...this makes me feel all gooey inside!


Joseph's Left One said...

Dang! I didn't make the connection. I thought you were going to the Smith building at BYU. If I had known, I would have had you look at the exquisite "signage" in the building, which was my project when I worked there.

Sideon said...


Rebecca said...

Cute picture (um, I mean the SECOND one...)