Monday, May 15, 2006

More beauty....

For Mother's Day, we went boating with my sister's family and some friends too. We went to Utah Lake, which is notoriously stinky and murky. I wasn't exactly excited because of my experience at the hot springs and how I couldn't get rid of that smell.

Well it turned out terrific! There were some menacing clouds that cooled us off considerably, but that was the only deterrant. It was such a beautiful day! I was on the boat, in the middle of the lake, looking towards the big mountains in the East. I could clearly see the Provo temple there on the hill. There's nowhere I would have rather been right then, and thinking about it still makes my heart race. Can you imagine if I missed out on the blue sky and majestic mountains, because I chose to sit on a hard bench and dealt with whiney kids? My kids were angels! They would rather be boating too!

Mother's Day at church is a double whammie. The ward usually gives the mothers a single carnation, which is the most stupid and insulting gesture, EVER.

So yeah, I'm constantly finding more peace in my life.

Oh, and I took this picture on my phone while I was at Squaw Peak having some "me" time. Utah is amazing, isn't it. At least the scenery. :)


Rebecca said...

Sounds nice! Your kids are way cute -- thanks so much for having me over! Sorry I left so abruptly - I've been getting massive headaches lately, due to job-hunting stress, I think. But it's all good, because boating is awesome!

MattMan said...

Excellent sunset pic! I share your passion of being on the water, although I prefer a sailboat for it's more slow-going wave-rhythm-embracing nature, but there's a place for each type. Glad to hear you spent a Mother's Day doing something worthwhile.

Mom Palmatier said...

You wer in God's church, surrounded by God's Love, your family's love and joy. What else could you do to be closer to GOD!

He created our environment and his beauty surrounds us all. It is our own fault that the beauty gets marred and destroyed because of what we do to it. Without it we are doomed. Lots to think about when you finally understand that we are part of Earth and the Earth can support us. We tried to tame it by removing and using it's resources in an inefficient way. Now what do we need to do to keep it.

Your sunset picture is great, you have now made the discovery of consciousness of the wonders of our environment.

How about a pic of that daughter of yours as well. Yor love for both should always displayed.