Sunday, August 10, 2008

Days 10 +

Hey my cut-back-on-caffeine has been going pretty well still. I have let myself drink a couple DDP's here and there, but mostly I've been sticking to water. I still poop out during the late afternoon sometimes, but I've figured out that it only happens when I wake up early that morning (i.e. for work).

Confession #1: I've tried out Caffeine-Free Diet Dr. Pepper. I'm totally ashamed to have wasted my time with it. Why would anyone choose to drink carbonated brown water with aspartame and 35 mg of sodium? It's beyond me. But oh well.

Confession #2: This past week I got a new laptop. I work for HP, so I decided to see what the employee discount was like. I found a pretty good deal, and it's better than anything I have at the moment. This is my first ever computer. MY first ever computer. I'm so in love, it's sick.

Confession #3: I've decided what I want to do with my life. I'm not looking for it to happen this second, but, ultimately, I think I have found the direction I'd like to go. I want to be a bee-keeper. :) No, I'm not crazy. For so many reasons it's the perfect profession for me!! More about this topic to come at a later date.


Rebecca said...

I'm super interested in hearing your reasons for wanting to be a beekeeper.

Kronos said...

Bee-keeping? Is that because [insert inappropriate comment about bees and male anatomy]? Or because [insert bee-keeping cliche here]? Or because [insert decent guess here]?

All in all, I don't know if I would enjoy bee-keeping as a job. I would like to have a bunch of hives on my estate though. It'll help pollinate the gardens. Do you want to be my bee-keeper? [insert "HEY OH!" here]

loopyjulia said...

Sadie and I loved seeing you and your great kids the other day! Sadie loves your daughter to pieces and hasn't stopped talking about her! I don't understand the whole caffeine free Diet Dr. Pepper either! It makes no sense whatsoever! Keep going strong! You are doing great!

Aerin said...

Congrats on cutting back on the caffeine. Good luck with the bee keeping!