Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 7

Well. It wasn't a caffeine-free day (took a couple of swigs with lunch!), but it was a milestone in its own right.

Normally in the afternoon I'm a zombie. I'm either falling asleep at my desk or I crash as soon as I get home. But yesterday was different. I felt pretty good throughout the afternoon! When I left work, I felt like I could still be awake at home, so I folded laundry and got a few things taken care of. I did have a pretty low point in the early evening, but I never laid down nor fell asleep. After spending some time on the couch watching a movie, I actually felt a little bit re-energized. I did more cleaning and got a few more things done before I decided it was time for bed.

I was pretty darn happy about it, let me just say! I'm gradually feeling some progress, and that's a necessity if I'm going to keep this up.

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