Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 6

HOLY CRAVING. I slept 25 minutes late this morning, and while I was getting ready for work an intense craving for DDP hit me. I couldn't shake it! I ate some toast, a yogurt and banana, and STILL the craving was there.

It's almost lunchtime now, and I'm not feeling so desperate. I've been sipping water all morning (side note: Another reason I don't like water is that if I drank as much as I'm "supposed to", I'd be peeing every 30 minutes, all day long! Sheesh!).

It may be really lame to some people that I am only blogging mundane things. Well, I've had bloggers-block for quite some time now, so this is a remarkable accomplishment, in my opinion. Hopefully it will lead me into more profound entries sometime soon. It will help that I just got myself a laptop. :) We'll see!


Anonymous said...

You'll get to the point where you'll drink water when your body wants it, not out of a "supposed to drink it" kind of reflex.

Yeah, I get it about water - when I'm on the wagon with coffee or cola, all I can think about is adding vodka and some ice to the very plain glass of water.

So glad to see you posting. I don't think your posts are "mundane" - you're posting your goals and your progress. Bottom line, the blog is YOURS.


MattMan said...

Switching to water is difficult, and thus IMO, blog-worthy.

I've been doing it (water) for so long now, I can't remember what the big deal was.

And yes, I do piss a lot. The water has become kind of a habit as I sip on it throughout the day, often not paying attention to how much I've already had.

I will say that having it be cold helps a lot, and I'm glad there's a drinking fountain near my office to refill my water bottle.

I still do coffee, but just 1 cup in the mornings I'm at work (none on weekends or during vacation, etc). I've been wondering if that's why sometimes I feel like I can't get enough sleep, but I can't believe that just one cup per weekday could do that. I have switched to half (or more) decaf in the cup as an experiment, but so far no change. Maybe I just need more sleep than I often give myself. Go figure.

The taste aversion for water will subside, just give it time. Actually, over time, you will come to crave water above other drinks, especially when really thirsty, because nothing quenches quite the same.

If you're in a pinch and just dreading the water and are looking to reach for something evil instead (and really don't want to), you might try one of those lightly citrus flavored waters. Only as a treat, though, you really want to get to where you crave the water instead. :)

MattMan said...

Forgot to mention one other thing that may help accelerate your desire for water. People often make gagging faces when I say this, but try drinking distilled water. Despite protests to the contrary, it has absolutely no flavor whatsoever and thus is awesome. No, I'm serious. Really. Me *loves* me some distilled water. :) When you develop the taste for water in its purest form, then tap water is slightly easier to take (over some sugar-filled crap, that is). YMMV