Sunday, September 16, 2007

*cough* *cough* There's a hairball in my throat!

At work we have to read these corny corporate novels, in an effort to unite us or make us more effective or some other positive--yet unseen--result.

The latest book, though, is really fun to read and I like some of the ideas presented. It's called Orbiting the Giant Hairball by Gordon MacKenzie. He worked for Hallmark, and tried his best to remain creative and free-thinking, all the while remaining dedicated to the corporate goals and vision.

I'd like to share a blurb that struck me as especially poignant.

"Being infinite, the whole of reality is too much for the conscious human mind to grasp. The best any one of us can do is to take the biggest slice of Infinite Reality that we can hold -- intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally -- and make that slice our personal sense of what is real. But no matter how broad it is, any human perception of reality can be no more than a tiny sliver of Infinite Reality."

I don't know if it's religion or human nature or western culture or what, but we all seem to think we know stuff. We feel like we have such a grasp on history and the future, however, our certainty is just an illusion in the grand scheme of things.

My next short term goal: to analyze my slice of Infinite Reality, and try to grasp it.


Sister Mary Lisa said...

Do you mean to say most times we live in utter certainty or uncertainty?

:) sml

La said...

:) edited. Thanks!


Already Gone said...

It's funny how we let others define our "tiny sliver of infinite reality"! We suppress our instincts. I have had to learn to crawl this past year...maybe slicing off a piece of my own reality(finite or infinite!) is a good goal!

Bishop Rick said...

Would you like fries with that?