Friday, August 24, 2007


Why can't I post pictures? I want to show pictures of me playing softball (well, me in the softball game, mostly). Aha!! It worked! This first pic is me going up to bat, confident as hell.

Haha, I'm glad that's not my butt (the catcher).

This next one is of me having just hit the ball (a line drive over the 3rd baseman's head, yes indeed).
Haha, I wish that wasn't my butt (the awesome batter).

So as you can see, my Thursday nights are full of fun and excitement and bug bites. :)


Sideon said...

Ha :)

I love baseball.

And the beer and garlic cheese fries.

More beer!

More beer!

And great butts!

Bull said...

One of my greatest embarrassments is that I can NOT for the life of me hit a ball with a stick. I'm okay at tennis and pretty good at raquetball, but I suck big time at softball.