Saturday, July 25, 2009


Being a liberal in Utah County is like being white in the Mexican supermarket on State Street, I imagine. It's like people know liberals exist, they've heard of liberals before, but it's so rare that they come out in the open that conservatives are actually surprised when they find out someone is liberal. "Someone disagrees with me? What? Lunacy."

I hear the regurgitations of Bill O'Reilly too often. Sean Hannity is a Saint around here. And what's-his-face, the guy who sobs all the time, oh yeah Glenn Beck. That guy's name sends chills up my spine.

Not that I'm confrontational, mind you. But if I hear someone say something ridiculous (mostly about homosexuals or "marriage") then I'll speak up with some sarcastic comeback. I don't bite my tongue, but I'm certainly not on the lookout for a fight.

Why has fighting always found me? Hmm...something for me to ponder on.

So, yes, the fight always seems to find me. It must be a nice thing to be able to be so open about political beliefs. Most people get nods of agreement and a pat on the back for the ideas they vocalize. But me? Liberal me (moderately liberal, by the way)? If I say something that I believe, I get jumped on. Whatever.

I'm getting sick of living here. *sigh*


karen louise said...

I love that you speak your mind...and don't mind doing it...there's got to be someone in this world who really stands up says what needs to be said!!!!!!!!

Rebecca said...

I hear Salt Lake is much more liberal, so just move there. Bellingham is funny - it's a SUPER liberal town surrounded by total red-neckedness.

The MacMizzles said...

Funny thing, I made something up the other day, and then laughed at my insight. Have you ever noticed that when someone shares the same STRONG opinions as themselves, they don't call them opinionated. If the opinions are different THEN they are opinionated. So, I came up with this: Is someone opinionated if they share the same opinions as you?

If you ask someone that who is of different philosophies they will stop for a moment and then you don't have to fight.

ALL opinions are strong, and if you choose to voice them in a polite way, I see no problem with that. Ever. Even if they differ from mine. So voice them!

Anonymous said...

Jesus. Free Agency. **coughing**

Evidently it's bullshit to the brethren.

PixelFish said...

In the outer world, I found that people who had been raised liberal simply could not wrap their head around conservative folks. They honestly think they are all brainwashed or crazy or god knows what. When I would talk about the normal aspects of growing up, they'd say stuff like, "They sound normal, why do they vote for X/think Y?" And I try to explain my rugby team theory, which runs along the lines of being born into a family who cheers for a particular rugby team no matter how badly they do. Except this rugby team has the power to make rules about your life.

On the other hand, the longer I am out of Utah, the more stuff inside Utah just seems insane when I try explain it. And I'm not sure their point of view is entirely wrong. Utahland is kinda crazy.