Thursday, January 08, 2009

Starting Out Right (or... SOR)

I've got to get healthy. Yesterday I envisioned myself being with other people, in a bikini, and feeling completely comfortable. What a rush! What would that really be like?!? I want to find out.

My current goals:

1) eat more nutritious food, and less crap. On that note, this morning I brought vanilla yogurt, granola and a sliced-up banana for breakfast. It should've been delicious, but the yogurt made it sort of sour. Plus my tummy doesn't do that well with milk products anymore, so I started to feel yucky. What a disappointment!!

2) significantly increase my activity level. I've decided that, until I purchase the Wii Fit, I'll play Wii Boxing every day because I usually work up a good sweat playing that game. Plus, that will develop the habit of using the Wii every day, which I'll need in order to make the Wii Fit work best for me. I'd like to start walking, but it's f-ing cold outside and I don't want to pay to use an indoor track somewhere. So walking will start in a couple months.

3) find some purpose in life. Right now I can settle for blogging. But eventually it will be something more useful, such as building school houses in Costa Rica. Mostly I want to go to Costa Rica to see my friends' awesome house that they're building there. But, in all seriousness, I do want to leave an impact on this world before I have to leave it!

Okay so those are the 3 things that I'm going to keep repeating over and over in my brain.


Rebecca said...

Sounds GREAT.

On a different note, is your blog pinker than it used to be? It seems exceptionally pink.

La said...

I dunno... Is it time to have a template change again?

Rebecca said...

It's fine - I just thought it looked pinker than I remembered.

La said...

How are you commenting when you don't have a blog anymore? I'm freaking out, man!

Rebecca said...

??? I'm not allowed to comment without a blog?

La said...

I guess I realized that you can still have your login and stuff, but not have any active blogs. So you're officially legit again.

dorth said...

I need a purpose, too. Can I build a house in costa rica? I have no originality and have to steal your idea.

The McMillans said...

You totally can do it. I believe in you.

sharon said...

As an outsider... this may be the wrong thing to say... but what if there happens to be a "God" out there even if you don't want Him to be there? I know many think all the bad in life is His fault...but what if much of it is due to sin and a Devil? I have heard of a phenomenon going on that sounds like "God" to me.
Want to hear about it?

La said...

Wanting or not wanting a God is irrelevant. That aside, I just don't believe there "happens to be a God".

I think bad in this life happens to everyone, and it's mostly caused by their own decisions or just plain bad luck.

I think the concept of "sin" and a "Devil" is every bit as fantastical as "God".

But, sure, lets hear about this phenomenon of which you mention...

Anonymous said...

It is occurring in 3rd world countries. I believe it is happening because about 9 years ago Christians en masse began praying for 3rd world countries (the prayer movement was called the 10-40 window, referring to the geographic latitude lines of the least Christian areas of the world)for a mighty move of God. He answered. NOW, for years, we have been hearing stories of literally hundreds of thousands of middle east residents who have been having VISIONS and DREAMS, and they are all very similar.
It is a man dressed in white (some don't know who it is when it happens) who says words like this:
I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man comes to God (the Father) but by me." Many do nothing about the vision at first because being mostly Muslims...they know they could be killed if they change religions. But many are doing it anyway..receiving Christ.
DOCUMENTATION??? I first read of it in the book, MegaShift, by James Rutz, available at Amazon...then I began to hear of it on the 700 Club on was reported just this week, and it may be in the archives of the website. I also support mission groups and two of THEM reported the same thing... FEBC (Far East Broadcasting Company, which is radio), and Campus Crusade for Christ. All are saying the same thing.


La said...

Food for thought:

James Rutz, 700 Club,, FEBC, and Campus Crusade for Christ all have 1 thing in common. They want to promote Christianity. The want the world to "receive" him, as you put it.

So. Do you think perhaps those sources are somewhat, uh, biased towards that goal? What about the millions of people every day who do not see a man in white in a vision? What about the even MORE millions of people who believe in some other God?

I'd suggest that if you want your prayers to be more meaningful, pray for God to spare young girls from being forced into modern-day, sexually exploitive slavery. Pray for world leaders to be wise and just. Stop praying for people to convert.

Anonymous said...

Sorry if the information offended you. IF there is a hell... it will be far worse than the problems you have suggested.... which are certainly not of God's making.

Bias? If any of them were making up stories, it would be exposed and they would be discredited. 700 Club has been around since late in the 50's I think and I've never heard any expose' on that organization. Their combined witness about these visions to me strengthens the truth of these stories.


eric said...

There's no need to investigate any of those organizations. They're not considered credible media institutions. They're not held to the same standards as other media organizations because they're not a media organization. They're expected to be biased.

Media organizations are expected to be unbiased. And that is why media organizations are held to certain standards and criticized when they ARE biased.

Aside from using the correct criteria when comparing organizations like the 700 Club to credible media outlets, I find it necessary to point out that when dealing the matters of faith, one does not need hard evidence to testify of a belief.

I could just as easily find "evidence" that Muslims are simply becoming more secular rather than becoming Christians, seeing as how the "evidence" borders more on "I heard this from someone who left Islam..." than "an independent polling organization interviewed 1000 Muslims and found..."

All this aside, I'm sure I could find hundred of like-minded individuals who believe something in particular, it doesn't matter what, get them together, start a TV show talking about it, and just as easily find a person willing to believe it to be true simply because a large number of people said it was true on television.


Anonymous said...

Media organizations in general are ANYthing but unbiased...(and so is your comment).
Christian organizations hold THEMSELVES to the higher standard of truth because of their desire to be a witness for God... to be telling fairy tales (and be discovered) would accomplish the OPPOSITE of all they stand for and hope to do.
I cited have given me "what if's".
Don't think there are no watchdogs who wouldn't just LOVE to bring down the 700 Club... if anything such organizations are watched more than the liberal news media.
The bottom line is we choose to see what we WANT to see. Some just don't want to have to face that "Judge" someday. But what if He's really, and later too?


La said...

Speaking of choosing to see what we want to see, check out this link regarding life behind the scenes at the 700 Club:

Anonymous said...

Very interesting article...and I can't agree with some of the radical opinions Robertson has...nor all of his actions... but what REALLY interested me is what was NOT said... no hint that any of the prayers for healings were fake. If God IS healing people through Pat...and Gordon...and the two gals through their "Word of Wisdom" prayers or messages... I would have to say they have something I don't have.